Chewy Cat Fish Stew

DSC_1224_01Ok guys just a quicky just encase you think I have drop off the face ov tha planet šŸ˜‰
Found great camping/fishing spot on my journey n thought I would share pic’s I caught black brim or sum call sooty grunter as well I cook these whole in the fire or fry but I really enjoyed tha cat fish this time it isn’t the cat fish with the snake tail like I have had before it is the very spiky shark looking one n man can they get big……. n in tha fish n chip shop they are called silver cobbler.
I tried baking in the fire first that was ok but then the next night I decided to stew them in camp oven & I really like them that way the flesh stay’s real firm n they are so gelatinous especially around the head which was my favorite bit no surprise best fish head eva…. it was almost like eating roo tail with all the chewy sinewy like bits n tha lips ohhhh sorry they are my favorite bits it sounds gross but if ya don’t let ya head get in tha way you will neva look back the heads are the best bit of a fish. The cold flesh was nice in a sandwich with fresh bread too, not many bones that’s why they feed them to tha old people.
I just chucked into the stew what ever I had in the van n a can ov tomatoes some chutney, water n simmered real slow for an hour or so I leave the liver in for flavor too.
Well I am still around just not much on the can share food side seein as I’m bush most ov the time šŸ™‚


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