Camera card found so beet kavas n pickled eggs time.

Ok I found my card thanks goodness, so here a few pic’s for you.

Red beet kavas first, I can’t wait to have dis I haven’t made any for ages n I have bin lucky enough to visit tha local market every Saturday n a few people there sell lovely fresh veggies, tha beets have bin especially great, I also put some silverbeet stems in there.
Red Beet Kavas

Next is yummy curried pickled eggs, again haven’t had any for ages, I got 2 dozen eggs off my sista in-laws I boiled n peeled them but them in a big jar n made a brine with salt, water, spices, curry, pepper, mustard, chilly ect n poured it over tha top, here you can see I used some beet leaves n my pebbles to hold eggs under liquid.

Pickled curried eggs

Finally greengage n rhubarb crumble n for a twist I added cornflakes to tha crumble mix as mum had them in tha cupboard it made it crunchy when fresh out of tha oven but on second heating they were a bit hard to bite threw so I wouldn’t do it again.
Green gage n rhubard crumble


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