A Stolen Meal

Well hi everyone ­čÖé this is my first on the road food blog, I’m here in the gorgeous Flinders Rangers home of the Adnyamathanha people and I deeply thank them for being able to be here enjoying their beautiful country I acknowledge them and their ancestors past and present and I would also acknowledge the pain and suffering they have experience and still experience every day for me to have this great privilege. Thank you.


So far the camping here has been fantastic the camp placements are just perfect considering they could fit so many more in they are just far enough apart as to not be in each others laps when I did have neighbours in the next camp I could still have my music playing by my fire and not be disturbing them and the fire, BBQ/cook plate set up’s are great very convenient with these great big hunks of rocks placed around them to use as seats or tables it is some of the best National Park camping I’ve experienced and the fact that I virtually have the whole place to myself is a massive bonus I expected it to be really full but it is so not!

Ok I had to share this incredible maybe unbelievable experience I had the other day with you all, I was walking around one of the many flood plains in the area near my camping ground visiting some of the magnificent grandfather/mother trees  them now being some of the last ones of their kind standing, they have been there standing strong through all the history good and bad of their peoples and their lands. The lands around the National Park have been mostly devastated by land clearance on a overwhelming scale and sheep grazing back to the bare bones of the earth itself.

To stand with them and feel that history which runs deep through the veins of this land, the fact that they where there to witness the local mobs living, laughing, crying, hunting,dancing and then to see them torn away from everything they knew and loved is deeply moving.

Anyway there I was sticking my head in every crack n cranny when I came across a feral cat!! I think I hissed first but it seemed strangely reluctant to flee and as I peered deeper into the hollowed trunk I realised why it didn’t want to leave as I had stumbled upon the cats food cellar for the day as it was chowing down on the rabbits head for lunch but unluckily for the feral cat I like feral rabbits for dinner too and seeing that the kill was fresh I stole it’s precious pray and wasn’t I chuffed with myself and my luck and it did feel good steeling from my most hated nemesis! I was very slightly relieved to think that it had plenty of rabbits to kill hopefully giving the small birds in the area some reprieve.

So I proudly strutted back to camp with my fluke catch I butchered what remained of the carcass and sat it in the shade ready for to be cooked up on the fire that night I surprise surprise made a stew, in this stew I put my dried Wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda), Sow thistles (Sonchus sp.), Nettles (Urtica dioica), spuds, cabbage, my semi sun dried tommi tomatoes, and seasoned white pepper and home made celery salt and mushroom sauce.


Seeing as this was a special meal I made a camp oven bread to go with it, in this I added the usual suspects sow thistle, nettle, flour, yeast, salt, pepper and oil.
This was all cooked up on my greatly appreciated camp fire as it has been quite chilly here so far in the rangers, if I thought such things possible I would think the cold weather was following me.

This extra satisfying meal was followed by a hot cup of home made acorn (Quercus sp.) dock root (Rumex sp.) coffee whilst reclining back on my banana lounge star gazing and listening to Paul Kelly playing quietly in the back ground……..

This trip has been a bit of a struggle at times so far and I’m sure many more times in the future but nights like this make all the pain, discomfort and uncertainness worth while I cant express how deeply lucky and grateful I feel rite now.