Crunchy Cucumber Abundance

DSC_9210_01Well this is the first year I’ve had a hot house so I thought I would have a crack at the yummies I haven’t been able to grow before so I planted a few different types of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums.
I now have cucumbers coming out ov my ears, productive little buggas aren’t they!
Not complaining I’ve been munching on them as I potter around the rest of my garden each day they are just like a fruit really. They are so yummy so much yummier than I remember any I have bought way in the past but this is no surprise to anyone growing their own foods.

So with these beautiful little green gems I made two different types of pickles I made a vinegar pickle and a lacto fermented pickle.

DSC_9222_01For the vinegar pickles I rinsed and sliced them thinly and placed them into a jar I then made a mixture of home made fruit vinegar, water, salt, pepper, dill seeds and mustard seeds, I bought this to the boil just to get rid of any impurities and to blend the flavors I then cooled this and poured it in with the cucumbers to the top of the jar and put the lid on loosely I let this sit on my kitchen bench for a coupler days so all the flavors combined then into the fridge because I actually have the fridge on at this time of year, you can just leave them in a cupboard or cool room if not to hot.
With the lacto fermented pickles I rinsed them and put them whole into a big jar I then made a very week salt brine mixture (1 1/2 table spoon to 1 liter water) with pepper, dill and mustard seeds I poured this into the jar to cover the cucumbers and weighted them down with river pebbles I then covered the jar with a cloth, these sat on my bench for about 5 days then I put them into the fridge.
I love both these methods for cucumbers I normaly prefer lacto fermented veggies but since making my own vinegars I’ve been tempted to do both methods and when I have so much produce I can indulge in both.


Salsify Flower Omelet

Sorry guys for the long time between post but I have been busy setting up my van/home, So I thought I better do a quick one this morning.Image
This is a salsify flower (Tragopogon sp.) omelette the flowers of the salsify are one of my all time favorite wild edibles I threw a heap of seeds around my garden last season and I have been munching on them all this spring.
They are yummy raw strait of the plant they look fantastic in salads and are a great cooked veg as well, my favorite way to cook them is in an omelet.
So I first cut them in half long ways just so the heat can penetrate them a bit then I add them to my lightly whisked duck eggs, finely chopped onion, salt and pepper then cook until slightly golden brown you can add what ever else you like of course and you can put a dollop of what ever yummy sauces or relishes you like.

Well just a short one today to say I am still here 🙂