We ALL (none first nations people) live on Stolen Land n we neva stop stealing!!!!!!

Natural fiber for rope dilly bag


Ok guys just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things I just finished off n put in tha fridge, I bottled tha beet kavas, I put tha mixed zucchini swede chilly ferment, sauerkraut n tha curried pickled eggs into big jars, they are all good but I have to say tha pickled eggs are AMAZING!! they are tha best I have eva had, eva!

I’m also letting everyone know dat I will not be posting for some time to come seeing as our “Australian” gubbament has supported tha West Australian gubbament in tha closing down ov about 150 remote First Nations communities so I will unfortunately be goin ova to WA again but dis time to help n support tha many many Elders, families n children dat will be effected by OUR racist gubbament!

Keep sharing tha luv ov healthy free foods n motha nature.

One Love, One Blood, One Mob…….. yalada 🙂

australian map




Camera card found so beet kavas n pickled eggs time.

Ok I found my card thanks goodness, so here a few pic’s for you.

Red beet kavas first, I can’t wait to have dis I haven’t made any for ages n I have bin lucky enough to visit tha local market every Saturday n a few people there sell lovely fresh veggies, tha beets have bin especially great, I also put some silverbeet stems in there.
Red Beet Kavas

Next is yummy curried pickled eggs, again haven’t had any for ages, I got 2 dozen eggs off my sista in-laws I boiled n peeled them but them in a big jar n made a brine with salt, water, spices, curry, pepper, mustard, chilly ect n poured it over tha top, here you can see I used some beet leaves n my pebbles to hold eggs under liquid.

Pickled curried eggs

Finally greengage n rhubarb crumble n for a twist I added cornflakes to tha crumble mix as mum had them in tha cupboard it made it crunchy when fresh out of tha oven but on second heating they were a bit hard to bite threw so I wouldn’t do it again.
Green gage n rhubard crumble

Silverbeet pie, sweet pickles n relish treats.

Sliver beet, potato n tomato pie.
Just a quick one, I made zucchini n cherry tomato relish n zucchini sweet pickle for my mother n myself.  She has heaps ov zucchinis n tomatoes in tha garden so bin cookin flat out.
Sliver beet, potato n tomato pie.

My dad also came home yestaday with a big heap ov sliverbeet (Chard) so I made a gorgeous silverbeet, potato n tomato pie, it looked so good n taste great everyone enjoyed it I took tha pictures wid my mums camera because I have lost my camera card……. hoping I find it soon coz I have pictures ov my pickled eggs n beet kavas in it.
Zucchini n cherry tomato relish

In tha sweet pickles I put zucchini, onions, spices, turmeric, salt, pepper, mustard, Keens curry powder, raw sugar n vinegar. Tha relish is cherry tomatoes, zucchini, onions, chilly flacks, spices, salt, pepper, raw sugar n vinegar.
Tha pie was silverbeet, potatoes, onion, parsley, eggs, salt, pepper, wholemeal self raising flour, n puff pastry.

Anyway bin busy n only have a month left here in trouwunna/Tasmania to do everything I need to do before I leave so lots happening sharin soon. 🙂