Tempura Carrot flowers

I leave some of my carrots in the garden to flower for the insects every year, they smell so nice and make nice cut flowers too. Walking past them one day inhaling their over powering scent I decide I would have a go at tempura carrot flower heads, so I picked a little bunch cleaned them battered and cooked them, they were nice very rich and nectary I couldn’t eat to many in one sitting but they would make a really unusual garnish!

Carrot flower heads


  • 1/2 cup Besan flour
  • 1 eggs
  • salt, pepper and what ever spices you like
  • water to make a smooth batter


Cleaned carrot flower heads leave about 8 inches of stem on them for twirling……



Don’t wash them or you will loose the nectar just shake and pick out any stubborn insects or you will end up with an unexpected hit of protein, insects love getting rite up under the umbrella of the flowers, once cleaned dip them into the batter, let the excess batter drip off and pop them in the oil twirl the stem so you get a nice even browning, put on brown paper to drain oil off and enjoy as soon as possible after cooking they aren’t nice if left to long.

I served mine with home made fermented chilly sauce they turned out really nice and crispy with this batter recipe, I tried a batter mix with no egg but it just didn’t stick to the flowers it came off in the oil much better with eggs.
So let some of your carrots flower for the insects and you to enjoy.


One comment on “Tempura Carrot flowers

  1. What a great idea! One of my carrot plants went straight to flower and it never ocurred to me that i could have cooked it! I wish I’d found your blog sooner! Lots of interesting recipes. 🙂

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