Chilly Zucchini n Swede Ferment

Lots ov zucs around at this time so decided to do a wild ferment this morning, mum also has some big swedes in her garden that I was freezing for her today so nicked a few bits for my ferment. Last night I made a zucchini slice for her n dad for their lunches, it looked good but I didn’t try it coz it had ham n cheese in it but they liked it. Making curried zuc soups later on as well……….

Grated Zucchini & Sweed for a wild ferment

I grated a large zuc n a bit ov swede to this I added Puha (Sonchus oleraceus), chilly flakes, dried kelp (seaweed), mustard n sea salt.

Fermented zucchini n sweed.
Fermented zucchini n sweed.
I massaged all this togetha n stuffed it into a jar pushing down until liquid covered the vegetable matter n then I weighed it down with my pebbles. For the first few days I used extra weight ie here a smaller bottle with water in it that sits in tha bigger jar, once it settles more n I’m sure everything is gonna stay under liquid I remove extra weight n cover tha jar with a cloth just to stop insects havin a snak n I will let this sit checking for readiness in a coupler weeks.

I think this will be good on sourdough n farm fresh eggs I can’t wait until it is ready đŸ™‚


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