First I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners past and present of this land I reside on Trouwunna (Tasmania) where I get most of my life’s sustenance from, and the Traditional owners of the lands I travel through in Australia.….. I will forever be sorry for the way my ancestors treated and still treat you!

This Blog is a chance for me to share my obsessions with free foods, weeds, foraging, fermenting, cooking and living more simply in general.

I get great satisfaction sustaining my life with feral introduced pests, plant and animal and knowing I’m leaving as little foot print as possible.
I am new at this Blog thing but hopefully my passion can be contagious and give others the courage to try new foods and experiment.

I truly believe food is the essence of life and you are what you eat, we can sustain our lives with minimal impact in an ethical and respectful way if we put our minds to it!… 🙂


8 comments on “About

  1. you can not leave a small foot print ,
    you have implanted your incredible love to all of us, love you!
    My princess from Tasi!

  2. I share your gratitude and deep feeling for the land.
    The spiritual connection to the natural environment is but one aspect of modern civilisation that has been diminished, and the dreamtime stories of the Koori (and other Indigenous Peoples) provide valuable teachings, for those with ears to hear.
    Kind wishes, J

  3. At this point in my life I can hear only that, to me it is the only way of true being. The land is always communicating, teaching and showing us the way and if a/the traditional owners of this land takes your hand and shares their spirit with you on this journey you are truly privileged, but as you say only to those with ears and I will add the heart to hear, and I am so grateful to have those ears & heart 🙂

  4. Love what you’re doing, I was looking for things to do with native chenopodium and introduced lambs quarters when I came by your site.

  5. I don’t really create recipes I just go wid tha flow n feel pressured to cum up wid recipe coz people ask for them, I think you have gone in2 something I haven’t deleted as I’m not sharing info on native foods anymore, but use them as you would other figs or fruit that’s all.

  6. Hi, just discovered your website and all i can say is WooHoo!. I’m just getting into weeds/bush/ foraged foods. I am sure to learn lot’s here plus be inspired to just do it.

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