My Ginger Bug Recipe

So my Ginger bug recipe is a bit different than any I have seen so far, all you need is Ginger water honey or sugar and lemon.

500 grams Ginger grated

1/2 cup Honey/Sugar/Maple syrup

500ml Water

1/2 Lemon

Apple mint or other herbs you like

I use organic ingredients.

Ok put Ginger, Honey and water into a big bowls mix really well until sweeteners are dissolved, I put mine in this nice bottle in picture. Let sit and ferment for a few days, then feed every second day with 1 tbsp. honey/Sugar and 1 tbsp. grated Ginger shake well, cover container opening so little flies can’t get in.
I let my mixture sit on bench & keep feeding like this for about 2 weeks until it is bubbly and active, you need to keep shaking to keep active every time you feed it ok, after about the 2 weeks I add lemon and mint and about another 500ml of water so it is about 1 litre all up, then you can start using it as you like, I just keep adding to mine every few days and shaking to keep activated be warned don’t tighten lid of container for too long the gasses build up quickly I hold my hand over my bottle opening shake and carefully remove hand then I cover with cloth or put cork in loosely but cork must be taken out every day to release gasses!

Most other recipes after the 2 weeks say to bottle mixture I don’t do this as I don’t like fizzy drinks I like mine just effervescent so just leave out on bench and dip in when I want some.

This batch last for about a month then it starts to get a funny flowery chemical taste so I throw into worm farm, a week before I think this one is going to be done I start another and transfer it into this bottle when it is emptied!

This is one of my favorite recipes so I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


7 comments on “My Ginger Bug Recipe

  1. Hi, I would love to try this recipe, but do not have a home scale, so could you please estimate how many tbs/cups 500 grams of ginger is? Thank you so much. You are the only person so far that uses honey in your ginger bug. Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  2. Hay Colleen I don’t really use recipes I just wrote this because people are always asking for recipes so I just guesstermated really…. but I recon 500gms is about 1 cup full?? It doesn’t matter what amount you start with and once it is alive it doesn’t really matter about amounts to feed as long as you DO feed it, It needs fresh ginger and honey/sugar every few days or so to keep it active/bubbling there are no mistakes really even if you forget to feed for awhile it will come back to life with a little TLC the ginger bug isn’t a fussy as kombucha or kefir grains. Oh on saying that though you will need a proper recipe if you are bottling it or it could explode ect, I don’t bottle mine that’s why it isn’t important to me…… I just keep taking a bit of my active bug out to use and feeding the remainder so it is a continuous system. I hope this help :)_

  3. I cant see why not, I haven’t done this because it is very expensive here so haven’t used it but give it a go I have used honey & it was fine 🙂

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