Lilly Pilly Sauce

2 kg Lilly Pilly’s (Acmena smithii)

1 kg Sugar

1 cup White Vinegar

½ Cinnamon Powder

3 Bay leaves

4 Cardamom pods

1 tbsp. Chilly flakes

Salt and pepper

Finished Sauce


Wash and cover with a few inches of water, Boil until fruits are soft put aside to cool.

Once cooled squeeze through hand to loosen the flesh of the seeds, put pulp through a sieve or hand food mill.

Put this finished pulp in pot, add a bit more water to keep the consistency loose add spices, Chilly and vinegar then simmer until reduced add Sugar and hard boil for 20 minutes then bottle.


8 comments on “Lilly Pilly Sauce

  1. Great recipe! I did not sieve as prefer a chutney-like texture. Also better with cinnamon stick rather than powder, fresh chilli rather than flakes. I have 3 trees and many in neighbourhood- fruits fall to ground as most people do not know edible. Mine are a very pink variety. Great variation in fruit sweetness from different plants so flavour can be balanced with vinegar/sugar ratio. Excellent with turkey as superior substitute for cranberry sauce. Also use for jams and makes a hot pink toffee that looks [and tastes] spectacular.

  2. I love Lilly pilly’s, I live in southern Tasmania and haven’t seen any growing here in my area but if I see one in a nursery I will give it a go. The toffee sounds lush! can you share you recipe?

  3. Lilly Pilly toffee recipe
    caster sugar- 2 cups
    lilly pilly juice- 200ml- cook lilly pilly in just enough water to cover and strain when soft
    Put juice in saucepan, add sugar and boil, without stirring, for 10-15 minutes or until sample cracks after placing in cold water to cool.

  4. Hay Carole I don’t really use recipes sorry I just put things like spices ect in to taste n it depend on the quality n grind ov your cinnamon, the finer the grind n tha darker the cinnamon tha stronger so use, if you grind your own stick like I do you can use more because it is more subtle I hope tha helps.
    I have looked at that post it was one ov my first ones when I was trying to put some recipes together it would be 1/2 teaspoon but I can not edit my old post they have changed all the edit post setting n it takes me ages to get them to go back tha way it took me ages to create ect
    N this genus ov “lilly pilly” in this particular blog turned out very fishy it would b a great replacement fish sauce for vegans. 🙂
    When I cook I have basic amount recipes for cordials, sauces, muffins or breads ect ect n I just add to these basic recipes wot eva I like or wot is in season as long as I keep consistency rite they turn out fine that is tha fun in cookin for me experimenting 🙂

  5. Hi Pruefreefood … we live in Glen Huon, Sth Tas (from Sydney) .. to our amazement we have a magnificent Lilly Pilly tree fruiting heavily in SEPTEMBER! … I’m embarking today on chutney making 🙂

  6. Hi scott, not on here much anymore but good luck with the lilly pilly chutney sounds great! cheers

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