My Lacto Ferment Soda’s

Yosterberry Soda

Ok so this is my recipes for Lacto fermented soda’s made using my Ginger Ale bug

1kg Fruits

1 Liter of water

Extra grated ginger to taste

500gms Honey/Sugar

1 cup of Ginger Ale Bug

So first put fruits and water in pot and simmer for 15 minutes, cool strain and put in large jar add Ginger Ale Bug and cover, make sure the jar you use leaves about 2 inchs of space at top because it will bubble and spill out if to full ok.


Let this mixture sit for a week or 2 depends on weather and how fizzy you like your drinks.
You can bottle this if you like or I just strain mine into a nice bottle and some lemon and mint and sit on bench and drink as i like.

See the fizzing action

You can use any berry as far as I know I haven’t yet tried other fruits like peaches or apricot I will when they come back into season here though.

Finished Soda






Well have fun experimenting with this one You can use the Ginger Ale gug to start of any Lacto fermented drink or sourdoughs or pickles!


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