Wild Rose Hip & Chilly Ginger Sauce

4 kg Rose hips (Rosa Canina)

2 kg Sugar

4 cups vinegar


1 kg Chillies

Salt, Pepper

Cloves, ginger root, spices (anise star not many very strong)

Rose Hip (Rosa Canina) & Chilly, Ginger Sauce (4 kg) cover with a few inches of water, cook until tender and mushy it should by a sloppy mix not to dry, like runny soup. Cool then put through a food hand mill, hard work but worth it I like to get as much pulp as possible, it will seem like you don’t have much left the seeds and skin weigh a lot. You can dilute seeds mix again with some water put back threw hand mill to get all pulp out if you like! Add water to pulp and mix so it’s still a runny soup constancy. Discard seeds.

Put pulp in big pot add as much chilly (2 kg) as you like, I love chilly so I use heaps…put chilly threw food processor then add to pot, add processed fresh ginger root (300 gms) add sugar (2 kg), vinegar (4 cups), mild flavoured like white, salt n pepper, herbs n spices, I use clove (not many only about 10), anise star (not many about 2 in this much).

Ok boil rapidly for about an hour stirring because it will stick adjust flavour to your own taste then bottle hot into hot bottles. Or you could bottle warm and re boil in heat bath as in the canning method.
You can fry off some garlic and onions and add as well if you like let your imagination go wild!

It’s a sauce that needs shaking before use because the pulp settles on the bottom….

Well good luck….


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