We ALL (none first nations people) live on Stolen Land n we neva stop stealing!!!!!!

Natural fiber for rope dilly bag


Ok guys just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things I just finished off n put in tha fridge, I bottled tha beet kavas, I put tha mixed zucchini swede chilly ferment, sauerkraut n tha curried pickled eggs into big jars, they are all good but I have to say tha pickled eggs are AMAZING!! they are tha best I have eva had, eva!

I’m also letting everyone know dat I will not be posting for some time to come seeing as our “Australian” gubbament has supported tha West Australian gubbament in tha closing down ov about 150 remote First Nations communities so I will unfortunately be goin ova to WA again but dis time to help n support tha many many Elders, families n children dat will be effected by OUR racist gubbament!

Keep sharing tha luv ov healthy free foods n motha nature.

One Love, One Blood, One Mob…….. yalada 🙂

australian map




New Focus

Ok guys there is a blog coming after this but I just needed to express how I’m feeling and to let you all know I have made a personal decision to not share any more knowledge on Australian native foods. This is something I have been struggling with for quite some time now, the struggle for me is I do not want to be responsible for people using the knowledge I share here to disrespect the beautiful cultures to whom it belongs too n I don’t want people bashing through the bush disrespectfully just taking whatever they want with no gratitude n respect for the cultures, people n land.
I do not trust that we as none indigenous people even understand the real meaning of respect with rare exceptions, in saying this I do not wish to disrespect anyone but I believe our understanding of respect is a very twisted version that we use in a form that suits our egocentric, materialistic greedy lives/society. The whole colonization n occupation of this country is based on the criminal act of attempted genocide, steeling n lying.

This is an illegally occupied country sovereignty was never ceded and every person that benefits from this great land n are privileged enough to call it “home” is a part of this use n abuse in their own way, our illegal occupation, raping n pillaging ov this lands natural resources for our own use in blissful or purposeful ignorance to the plight of the first people of this land are the continuation of the pain n suffering the first people experience every day of their lives.

When I say natural resources I also include in this intellectual property, we do not have a god given rite to any of their knowledge to use how ever n when ever we want for our own benefit monetary or otherwise n fuck (excuse the language) the cultures, people n land which it comes from, this is sacred n precious knowledge n it is theirs it is the lands, the land gave it to them they are not separate from it something we could never understand, people cant even seem to grasp the concept of women’s business n men’s business n even if you don’t understand the numerous details which change from culture to culture with in this land it is pretty explanatory isn’t it, WOMEN’S business n MEN’S, think about it. (n I will not go into this with people here, it is time we all took the initiative to learn n find out for ourselves how to be respectful n how to behave appropriately)

My understanding of my own people is not at all flattering n is probably slightly confronting to those wallowing in their blissful ignorance or denial, we came here n stole everything from them, we tried to wipe them from existence, it is a SHAME we will forever pay for until we are genuinely SORRY also a concept I don’t think we really grasp again we are only sorry when it suits us to be, we aren’t so sorry that everything changes because you are so effected by seeing the truth of responsibility.
All our understandings are perverted by our greedy Sickening money base systems n society that we have created, our white privilege blind us to the shameful world record topping average death rates n shocking health, suicide n incarceration statistics of this countries first peoples.

And I say sick because I do believe it is a sickness, white privilege is a sickness n the society we have created is sick n degenerate, we are the savages. I have look deep inside myself n my people/”culture” to reveal all these truths, it was a hard, painful ego destroying journey not yet ended by far but it has changed my life, the truth the brutal truth sets you free, it acts upon you once fully seen n felt your only option is to turn your back n try to pretend like it all isn’t happening n spend the rest of your days trying to delude n convince yourself that you have nothing to do with any of it, it wont work because you know deep down inside that is not the truth, there is this niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you see or here about these shocking things we have done n are still doing whilst living the GOOD life n it will haunt you to the your very last breath if you have any conscious at all.

So that said I’m sorry to the people here to gain that particular knowledge or who just have a general interest in it, I will not be apart of it, I have to live with my actions n at the end of the day n of my life know I was true of heart n that it ends with me, my ancestral family ignorance ends with me, I pay it back every moment of every day in remorse, love, respect n joy, that is all that matters to me.

Thanks for listening if you did.

Cheers P.

putalina Festival n Mutton birds heaven

Well what a welcome back to country and what a great festival, I have always managed to miss this festival and only heard snippets about it after the fact and I figured out because it is on the same weekend as the Cygnet Folk Festival I have been missing it because I used to go to that until it got to expensive & crowded for me.
Well the putalina festival was just perfect the property itself has awe inspiring views of the bay and is so diverse in plant and animal life I can see why it was and is so important to the local mob, the festival is small enough to still be intimate just they way I like it and surprisingly it is free with a free feed and not just any feed propa big feed, sitting there in my chair waiting for the first acts to come on I could smell the mutton birds or Yalu (Puffinus tenuirostris) cooking it was driving me to distraction OMG what a smell absolutely mouth watering it always takes me back my childhood it was the well loved seasonal smell of my grandmothers kitchen you could smell them coming up the driveway and when I smell them now days it triggers of very faint memories of actually going out onto the island with my family and sticking my arm in dark burrows not knowing what was actually in there could be a tiger snake a, there was always this lingering fear because the tigers loved the young birds and eggs too, after grabbing the young birds and pulling them from there warm beds the birds were killed quick as you like with a snap of the wrist they were dead in seconds.
So sitting there day dreaming about mutton birds I thought to myself oh they must be cooking them for the elders but no they had many many birds and they were for everyone I couldn’t believe it we were so privileged that the local mob share this most precious of all foods with us and they were absolutely delicious they were cooked to perfection, they also had many dishes to choose from from roo stew, wallaby steaks, snags, beef burgers to veggie burgers and lots of veggies n salad.
The whole thing was very well organised and set out there were activities and a ride for the kids to keep them busy and the entertainment was incredible ranging from well known legends like Archie Roach amazing as ever, Dewayne Everettsmith n the stunning Denni Proctor through to ones I haven’t heard preform before I was blown away by the young Kartanya Maynard I couldn’t believe such a soulful voice could come out of someone so young just incredible and I also have to mention Tarkira Simon Brown her music is strangely dark and introspective the lyrics at times a mix of English and Palawa Kani, hers is a name to look out for in the future a unique talent for sure.
Dispersed through out the music acts the youth dance troop kanaplila ripana (Youth Dance) preformed their new dances for our delight these new dances were the resulted of the youth brainstorming ideas on what culture and language means to them and thinking about how their old people lived many years ago, these young ones created these dances that is just so exiting to me to see culture is a living ever evolving vibrant thing not something that is just repeated from the past, don’t get me wrong I understand the value & incredible importance of the old dances but I too see the importance of what is happening down here in Trouwunna/Tasmania I haven’t seen anything like what is happening here is so dynamic and alive, I feel blessed to witness these times.
The weather was perfect lovely and hot finally so I sat in the sun all day and I was enjoying the warmth in my bones so much I didn’t realize I was getting about as cooked as the mutton birds a, burnt to a crisp owwwch but it was so nice……. 🙂
I didn’t take picture of the actual festival I’m sure you will have no problem looking them up on the net I just wanted to share a bit about this special day.

Samphire (Tecticornia sp.) native blue berries (Billardiera sp.) & Native cherries (Exocarpos cupressiformis)
On the foraging food side of things from this east coastal area I collected native cherries (Exocarpos cupressiformis) native blue berries (Billardiera sp.) and the fattest healthiest samphire (Sarcocornia sp.) I have ever seen.
The native blue berries in my personal experience if you haven’t had them aren’t the nicest of all bush foods which is a broad statement because there are about 25 species but here in Trouwunna there are 6 native ones and 1 introduced species and I haven’t tried them all, I don’t know the species of this in my pictures I really need to see the flowers to get a better idea of exact species with these but anyway back to their taste if you de-seed them and mix them with the native cherries which are about at the same time obviously they are more enjoyable, I munch on a few cherries then a blue berry then more cherries ect ect.

Well I hope you enjoy this post I’m feeling much happier now as I have been struggling a bit with this cold weather and all my aches and pains coming flooding back that I haven’t felt for 5 months or so but having been welcomed back to land & meeting up with old friends & new mob makes a world of difference to me, Nayri Niara 🙂

Fuzy Fury Moments

Today I want to share one of the many special moments in my life’s journey, some years ago I started eating native wild meats after being a vegan for 14 years, long story not really relevant here, anyway not long into this new journey I had the strong feeling that I had to show the animals as much respect as possible by using every part of them I could to make something special in their honor, so I have been collecting as many good furs as I physically could determined to eventually tan them proppa way with local wattle barks, the furs I collected were from road kill as well as some being shot by my father, this one in the pictures was a mature female that my father shot when I was with him out in the Florentine valley, I am not confident enough to shot myself yet because I don’t want to course undue suffering to the animal I need to be confident of a good head shot.

Red Necked Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) fur

Over time I collected as many furs as possible I dried some and froze others and it took me awhile to collect enough wattle bark I was hoping for black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) but because it isn’t the common species in my area I had to go with silver wattle (Acacia dealbata), I figured it would be just as good.
My first attempts at preparing the skins properly for keeping haven’t always been successful and I have lost quite a few unfortunately, I lost one lot to mold then moths then a freezer being turned off while I was away ect ect but thing happen when they are supposed to.
Also my first attempts at tanning were no good I had no luck with possum fur at all the fur kept coming off the skin.
I am still determined to tan possum furs because I would love to follow in my great grand fathers foot steps and make a possum fur rug, my Pa made a possum fur rug for each of his children and he had a lot of children with each rug having at least 100 possum furs in it, as a child I used to love patting the rug like it was still alive and I loved how it felt on my cheeks when I snuggled into it.
But back to the wallaby, I was running out of time in the end so I just picked the best two skins I had, I had just enough time to start the tanning process before I left home in April.

Red Necked Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) fur
I dried the skins scrapped off any excess loose skin trimmed them up and soaked them in the bark solution and with in two days they started to turn a gorgeous pink color that darkened over time to a flesh reddy brown color. I had to stir the skins at least once a day which I had to do on the road by then as had left home. The smell wasn’t the most pleasant of smells in a confined space so I used an airtight container and sat it outside of the van whilst travelling around before I actually left the state.

Yaba Mick with Red Necked Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) fur After I felt they were ready about 3 weeks I removed them from the solution tacked them out again and dried them in the sun just in time to leave the state to head north, along the way I worked the skins when I felt up to it, by work I mean you have to break the skin because it goes really hard after the tanning and drying I did this by scrunching handful’s and rubbing the skin vigorously together until it softened I also rubbed coconut oil into the skin as I went along, it is hard bloody work I can tell ya and it has taken me months to actually get one of the skins soft and subtle enough to call finished, I then had to comb the fur until all the loose skin on the fur side was removed and the fur was all plumped up and even though I’m saying finished because I’m a perfectionist it could still be worked and oiled more.
This whole process/journey has been very special and empowering and the joy of giving it to my yaba/brother Mick in valuable, my first skin I finished was always going to be a gift to him, I gave it to him the day I left to head back to Torwunna/Tasmania for the summer & autumn months.
One day I hope to have enough to make him a full cloak and I am hoping this will go to his gran in the future.
This whole process has taught me so much and given me so much pride not an egotistical pride but something deeper, I feel my spirit and understanding of self  has taken the same journey as the skin in a way from hard and rough to more soft and subtle, so subtle people will probably not recognize it 🙂

I have permission to share the pictures of yaba Mick but please respect them, Thanks. 🙂

A Web of Sunrise Enchantment


I don’t know about you but my favorite time of day is between 4.30am and 5.30am that magic time as the land awakens when the dark silence is suddenly broken with a burst of bird calls, that moment just before the sun begins to poke his head above the horizon casting rays of reflected color that dance and linger upon any clouds hanging in the sky, a different combination every morning then the bright disc pierces your view and sometimes if you are lucky the clouds obscure the intense light so you can look at his face even if for the briefest of moment and this was on of those moments.

DSC_0044_01I don’t normally share landscape picture but today I decide to take some shots I don’t have the right lenses that’s why I don’t bother but I thought I should share at least one of these blessed moments, please excuse the quality of the shots.

This is the view I get every morning from my van, this place is so beautiful and what you cant see is I am surrounded on nearly all sides by the very edge of the Daintree rainforest which lays just beyond the cow & cane paddocks.
The vibrancy of color here is insanely intense, I just spent a week in bed with a migraine locked up in my van on and off and one morning on waking I peered out the crack of the open door next to my bed and it was like a big green slap in the face, the greens surrounding me seemed electric and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as they can become very light sensitive from the migraines but no as my migraine has faded the colors have not.
I have never seen a place so green it is over whelming at times and I feel like a character in a gaudy cartoon book where the colors aren’t quite right but I figured it was the scattered showers we have had here this week, everything has grown and intensifies in color.

With the arrival of these refreshing showers the grass has decide to up the ante and is growing so rampantly now I recon if you sat still long enough you could actually watch it grow and there are little colorful patches of weedy flower heads popping up looking picturess like some old masters water color painting and the insects are busying themselves collecting the sweet nectar the the flowers put forth but there is a knowing on the edge of mine and their consciousness that it wont remain this way for long as the farmer is on a mission all in the name of aesthetics to tame this chaotic wilderness which we call lawn.
An ever so slightly tummy tickling fear grows inside as I ponder what will happen to all my insect and arachnid now well known and loved neighbors but my concern lies mostly with the spiders as the insects can fly away on their delicate wings from the inevitable dangers of the farmer and his trusty steed of a lawn mower to find sweet delights elsewhere but the the spiders they live their precarious lives right in the depths of the grass forest but as the dawn light creeps in I find my fear unfounded as they seem to survive as they appear like clock work every morning even after the farmer has accomplished his vicious goal, there they are sitting in their toiled over glistening webs their steely strong silk thread weaving the now shortened blades of grass together like little baskets no not baskets but traps which they sit patiently in waiting for their pray to make the fatal mistake and end up as breakfast.

I will be sad to leave this place that has become my home but the sadness is fleeting and fades like a distant school yard memory because I know I will always come back to this enchanted of all places and I’m sure my spider friends will still be here as they always have been.

Love Healing

Ok where do I start sitting here looking out the back of my not so mobile home on this breathtakingly beautiful morning listening to my little feathered bruthas n sistas singing their songs in harmony with the crickets that I can hear but rarely see my heart is over flowing with joy and love not love as in the personal thing that is yours that can be taken away or lost but the love that is revealed when you see with your whole mind and body the truth of ones connectedness to the land and all living things on this magic planet.
I’ve always felt connected to and nurtured by nature/land it is where I feel safe loved and most at peace and being privileged enough to be on country with the elders of my beloved second home KuKu Yalanji country has strengthened and deepened this connect even more than I could of imagine.
Sharing the pain of these elders (including all bama/aboriginal peoples old and young all effected by the invasion of their country) is not only the greatest privilege but the most powerfully healing experience of my life.
Seeing and feeling the effects MY ancestry has had on and still today has on these most forgiving of people is deeply deeply hurtful but in that full acknowledgment and acceptance there is the beginning of healing for all bama and waybala (white fellas), if only we could all take that fist step together.
I felt betrayed that as a child I wasn’t fully informed about our/my TRUE history at home or in school, I only found out the real truth in my later 30’s so much lost time but at least my journey has started and I will say this if you have children please don’t deny them their truth the truth of this land their home let them have that one thing, it is the most important knowledge you could ever give them, for you and them and I hope from this they will be blessed with the friendship and love of the first people of this great land.

It is about respect that is why I need to again acknowledge the elders and their ancestors past and present who’s land I now reside on and the land I now respectfully forage from for my life’s sustenance this includes importantly my spiritual wellness. These are not just words for me it is real more real than I can convey here in writing.

Health & Mental Wellness In Diet

Ok this is a list of all the plant foods I consumed in about a week, I believe that plant family diversity is crucial to a healthy balanced diet including mental wellness, I think this is why indigenous people all around the world in the past had good nutrition & health. In our westernized diets we consume a lot of human altered plants more genus & species of fewer families of plants giving the illusion that we are consuming a diverse range of plants. So I made a list of my week it took ages but it was fun and I learnt more about the foods I eat which I always love, so give it a go and see how diverse your diet is in plant families my count was at least 36 different families & I’m sure to have missed some.

Consumed plant foods in one week 2013 

Plant Family is first then Common name, Genus & Species, in capitals at the end- (BF) means bush foods, (F) means foraged, fresh or dried, (P) means processed plant food. In this list I include herbal teas & other hot drinks because you get nutrition from them also.


Amaryllidaceae Family

Brown & Red Onion (Allium cepa)   

Spring Onion (Allium.sp.)

Shallot (Allium cepa var. aggregatum)

Garlic (Allium sativum) 

Apiaceae Family

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

Carrot (Daucus carota)

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

Celery (Apium graveolens var. dulce)

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)

Araceae Family

Taro (Colocasia esculenta)

Arecaceae Family

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) (BF)

Asteraceae Family

Bitter Greens (Cichorium intybus)

Chicory root (Cichorium intybus)

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P. sonchifolia)

Sow Thistle (Sonchus sp.) (F)

Camomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Calendular flower (Calendular sp.)

Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)  

Boraginaceae Family

Borage flowers (Borago officinalis)

Brassicaceae  Family

Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Red & Green

Wild Mustard Greens (Braassica juncea) (F)

Kale (Brassica oleracea  Acephala group)  x 2 types

Pak Choy (Brassica rapa subspecies pekinesis & chinensis)

Caricaceae Family

Paw Paw (Carica papaya)

Chenopodiaceae Family

Red Beets (Beta vulgaris)

Sliver Beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla) 

Convolvulaceae Family

Kumara/Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas)

Coast Morning Glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae) (BF)

Cucurbitaceae Family

Yellow Button Squash (Cucurbita sp.)

Zucchini (Cucurbita sp.)

Pumpkin (Cucurbita sp.)

Chayote (Sechium edule)

Elaeaocarpaceae Family

Blue Quandongs (Elaeocarpus angustifolius) (BF)

Euphorbiaceae Family

Cassava (Manihot esculenta)

Fabaceae Family

Chickpea flour (Cicer arietinum) (P)

Soy Beans (Glycine max) (P)

Brown Lentils (Lens culinaris)

Red Kidney Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Cannellini Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica)

Snake Bean (Vigna unguiculata subsp. Sesquipedalis) 

Fagaceae Family

Acorns (Quercus sp.)

Lamiaceae Family

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Peppermint (Mentha sp.)

Lauraceae Family

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)

Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) 

Malvaceae Family

Hybiscus flowers (Hybiscus sp.) (F)

Musaceae Family

Banana (Musa acuminate) x 2 types


White crab apples (Syzygium pseudofastigiatum) 

Oleaceae Family

Olives (Olea europaea) (P)

Poaceae Family

Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus)

Wheat flour (Triticum spp.) (P)

Oats (Avena sativa)

Brown Rice (Oryza sativa)

Polygonaceae Family

Dock root (Rumex sp.) 

Rosaceae Family

Hawthorn leaves & berries(Carategus sp.) 

Rubiaceae Family

Coffee beans (Coffea Arabica)

Ruttaceae Family

Orange (Citrus sinensis) x 2 types

Lemon (C. limon)

Limes (C. aurantifolia)

Mandarin (C. reticulate) 

Pomelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis)

Scrophulariaceae Family

Mullein (Verbascum sp.)

Solanaceae Family
Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) x 2 types

Tomatoes (S. lycopersicum) x 2 types

Eggs Plant (S. melongena) x Purple & White

Capsicum (Capsicum sp.) Red, Green & Yellow

Chillie (Capsicum annuum) 

Theaceae Family

Tea (camellia senensis) black & green

Urticaceae Family

Nettles (urtica dioica) (F)

Vitaceae Family

Red Wine/Grapes (Vitis Vinifera) (P)

Winteraceae Family

Tassie Pepper berry & leaves (Tasmannia lanceolata) (BF)

Zingiberaceae Family

Ginger root (Zingiber officinale)

Wild Ginger root & leaves (Alpinea caerulea) (BF)

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)


Laminariaceae Family
Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana.) (BF)

Ulvaceae Family

Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca ) (BF)


Agaricaceae Family

Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

Suillaceae Family

Slippery Jacks (Suillus luteus) (F)

Have fun with this and I wish you all good health & Wellness

Second Thoughts

I wanted to share something a bit off my normal topics this morning it is more sharing what is in my heart/head so if you don’t like it just press skip……..
I came back from Lunawanna Alonnah/Brunny Island a coupler days ago and wrote a blog about my trip focused on the bush food, beauty and the wonder of this magic place but there was a niggling deep inside it had been there through out the trip and after reading responses to my blog (all good) it has grown or maybe just come forth and flowered more fully to the point were this morning I just have to put it out there…….

After reading a blog that I follow this morning that was talking about Greece and the prospects of it happening here and how people should prepare for the coming evens and the idea that maybe permaculture can play a part, I ended up rattling on in a comment in response and what was hidden away leaked out so I thought I would just elaborate a bit more here.
This is something that I have been thinking about for many years now it isn’t new I just have a different way and place to express and share it now on here. I don’t often share my deeper thoughts and feelings with people it seems to freak them out and instead of actually listening (A lost art) they react and then project their own fears into what I’m saying which means they don’t hear the truth of what is said they just fight attack and run which normally results in them attacking me or hating me and nothing ever gets resolves or understood this way so maybe it is better read from written word, I am an intense passionate person and I think my energy overwhelms most people too which doesn’t help.

In brackets and blue are new addition, so here is my response to the blog- Yes the whole planet is heading that way we are over populated and the whole system our society is based on is floored it is not based on the laws of the land the only true laws and nature will again find balance shortly and it isn’t going to be pretty it will be like a dog shaking off it’s fleas….. I don’t personally think that is a bad thing and sad and hard thing yes but we have dug the grave I’m afraid.

Another old saying appropriate here is “You shall reap what you sow”….. and we will.

(I think this bit freaks people out seeing the truth that it IS inevitable that there is going to be a culling, all species of animals have natural culling systems when they over populate and over consume the natural resources they depend on, it is not rocket science…. We have wangled our way out of most of ours natural culling systems which I think is wrong and it cant continue and when I talk as clearly as I do about it people think I’m a cold hard bitch or just angry and I’m neither when talking about this….. I just don’t fear death I have had the prospect of death in my life for quiet awhile I have back problems stemming from child birth and there has been times in my life were I have looked at what I will do to end my life when I have had enough so it is not a new idea for me I am comfortable with the idea I have had a blessed and privileged life and when it is time it is time! )

But it isn’t all doom and gloom maybe this IS our real evolution those that survive the coming culling that is inevitable go back to ancient way of living in harmony with nature/land and each other, not battling to control and dominate and as a consequence rape, deplete, pollute, over populate and destroy all other living beings…….

(Saying it isn’t all doom and gloom but maybe it is a good thing also makes people think I’m crazy angry or a bloody sadist I have been labelled many things some I have had to actually look up 🙂 which doesn’t worry me I just find it sad that all the labeling, judging, attacking and projecting  stops them from listening, and it is a cop out it stops them from taking responsibility for their part in the way things are it is easier to attack someone else and it stops them from seeing and feeling which are the same action….. feeling your reaction to something said is not feeling/seeing the truth or untruth of what is said and being able to see the untruth in what is said is seeing the truth in what is said and that is different than seeing and feeling your reaction to what is said therefor thinking it is wrong or untruthful, if only people could see at all……..

Because I’m not self concerned in the greater sense, here I mean I’m not desperate to perpetuate myself into the future with child or in any other way in which people even think they can, I see the bigger picture what is better for all the other life forms that we share the planet with and that is why I haven’t had children and it is behind all the decision I make in my life, I care deeply about all other living being they are family, the question I ask myself  is are they my otha bruthas n sistas better off with more of us? There for is the planet as a whole better off with more of us? Or even us as the beings that the majority of us actually are now? These are not hard question for me to ask and in my heart I know the answers but it seem to be hard for the majority of people because they are so self involved they cant see the bigger picture “cant see the Forrest for the Trees” and I don’t think the majority of people in our society today know what it is to really put ones self aside and be humble and act for the better good of all life.
See I believe as we have left the land and lost our connection to the land our mutha our grandmutha and there for all other living being we have lost that awareness of our place in something greater, I’m not talking god here ok!! so we have become sick sick in our hearts, minds and spirits.  

We are such a minute part of the whole system of life yet we have done the most damage but this to will pass in a blink of the planet geological eye as it has happened in the past before and I’m sorry but for me the sooner the better so the planet can get on with it’s healing and all other life can just get on with living………)

Don’t get me wrong I think permaculture is fantastic and if you want to teach it then you should anything to do with living more closely to nature is great but I don’t think it is going to get us out of this mess.

(The fact is we are here now and have time to bide until well lets say this shit hits the fan proppa like, so do what you love, I don’t mean do what eva you want with out respect for anything or anyone and don’t give a shit I mean do what your REALLY LOVE what fills your heart what heals your spirit and therefor what heals and helps all other living things not with motive but just because it is the rite way of being, make the best of what time you do have and be grateful for it.)

And the whole super trawler thing is just another reflection of how far we have fallen a reflection of how truly sick we have become because for me it is a given that as the land/seas get sicker so do we it is like the snake bitting its own tail story….

Sorry for rattling on I was going to do a whole blog on this shortly and it was in my head when I read your blog so it come out now I can just cut n paste this hehehe 🙂

Well the sun has risen above the fog or the fog have dispersed same same so I’m off to enjoy the healing rays thanks for listening Nayri Niara/good spirit to you 🙂