Camera card found so beet kavas n pickled eggs time.

Ok I found my card thanks goodness, so here a few pic’s for you.

Red beet kavas first, I can’t wait to have dis I haven’t made any for ages n I have bin lucky enough to visit tha local market every Saturday n a few people there sell lovely fresh veggies, tha beets have bin especially great, I also put some silverbeet stems in there.
Red Beet Kavas

Next is yummy curried pickled eggs, again haven’t had any for ages, I got 2 dozen eggs off my sista in-laws I boiled n peeled them but them in a big jar n made a brine with salt, water, spices, curry, pepper, mustard, chilly ect n poured it over tha top, here you can see I used some beet leaves n my pebbles to hold eggs under liquid.

Pickled curried eggs

Finally greengage n rhubarb crumble n for a twist I added cornflakes to tha crumble mix as mum had them in tha cupboard it made it crunchy when fresh out of tha oven but on second heating they were a bit hard to bite threw so I wouldn’t do it again.
Green gage n rhubard crumble


Silverbeet pie, sweet pickles n relish treats.

Sliver beet, potato n tomato pie.
Just a quick one, I made zucchini n cherry tomato relish n zucchini sweet pickle for my mother n myself.  She has heaps ov zucchinis n tomatoes in tha garden so bin cookin flat out.
Sliver beet, potato n tomato pie.

My dad also came home yestaday with a big heap ov sliverbeet (Chard) so I made a gorgeous silverbeet, potato n tomato pie, it looked so good n taste great everyone enjoyed it I took tha pictures wid my mums camera because I have lost my camera card……. hoping I find it soon coz I have pictures ov my pickled eggs n beet kavas in it.
Zucchini n cherry tomato relish

In tha sweet pickles I put zucchini, onions, spices, turmeric, salt, pepper, mustard, Keens curry powder, raw sugar n vinegar. Tha relish is cherry tomatoes, zucchini, onions, chilly flacks, spices, salt, pepper, raw sugar n vinegar.
Tha pie was silverbeet, potatoes, onion, parsley, eggs, salt, pepper, wholemeal self raising flour, n puff pastry.

Anyway bin busy n only have a month left here in trouwunna/Tasmania to do everything I need to do before I leave so lots happening sharin soon. 🙂

Summer in2 Autmun in Maydena

Ok visiting the family in my old home town has been good for the pantry, I was hoping the black berries would be ready n I bought raw sugar n vinegar just encase to make jam n syrup. On the way up the valley I noticed some fruit on my favorite plum tree n stopped to grab what I thought was a handful to eat n I ended up with a basket full about 6 or 8 kg, they are so sweet n if I had the time to dry them n put them in a sugar syrup I would prepare them like that, it is my favorite way n they last for ages but no time so plum hot sauce it is.

foraged goodies, Maydena, Autumn
Now I will tell you the sad story first when I got back to my grandfathers I thought oh I will go see if there is any Oregon grapes (Mahonia aquifolium) left n one of my uncles had decided to whipper snip the whole garden bed back to virtually nothing they had been completely massacred…. I have no idea why someone would do this, they had taken many years to grow n fruit, I was very upset but I managed to scrounge some berries off the ground n off some of the dead cutting that were left stuck in the bushes, I will dry these n put them in my herbal tea as they are partly sun dried already, such a shame 😦

Later on I went looking for nettle (Urtica dioica) with dad around his property to no avail but I scoured a heap ov yummy goodies from my old yard, there had been a bit ov rain in between my visits so there was self seeded rocket (Eruca sativa) everywhere, young plantain (Plantago lanceolata), fat hen (Chenopodium album), sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) n some gorgeous young Puha (Sonchus sp.) I will mix all the green together n make a mixed salad to use over the next few days n dry the rest.
The elderberry (Sambucus nigra) hedge I had put in the season before I left has grown up nicely n they had some fruit on so I picked this as well, there was a small amount of horse radish (Armoracia rusticana, syn. Cochlearia armoracia) that I put in the plum hot sauce along with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, horse radish, vinegar, raw sugar, chilly flakes, curry powder, paprika n the plums.

Also from my old yard we got some white fleshed nectarines not quite ripe, I’m hoping they will ripen before going moldy. On the way back dad n I picked a bucket ov blackberries n I this morning I cooked everything up, I ended up with 8 jar ov jam, 8 bottles of syrup, 5 bottles of plum hot sauce n heaps ov greens, so I am well stoked up now for my travels n I’m still hoping to make a heap of Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) sauce before I leave, I will pick these on the way to my next destination then I will be back with a blog then.

Sorry about this picture, it is shocking but it was under my grandfathers patio n it has clear yellow roofing so it looks a weird color n it isn’t focused properly, I didn’t realize it had come out like this until after I had processed stuff.

Hot Cherry Plum Sauce

Still processing plums galore here this time I made a hot plum sauce listed below are the ingredients not in exact amounts ok.
Plum sauce

  • Cherry plums about 4 kgs worth = about 2ish kgs of pulp
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Red wine
  • Raw sugar
  • Kecap manis sauce
  • Malt vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Brown onions
  • Garlic
  • Cloves
  • Bay leaves
  • Chilly
  • Sumac
  • Tassie pepper berries & leaves powder (Tasmannia lanceolata)
  • Cumin powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Black & white pepper ground
  • Salt
  • Pickling spices

I boiled the fruit down with vinegar & lemon juice then mashed the plums into a pulp & then strained the seeds & skin out and put the pulp back in a large pot to boiled until reduced by half. In a separate pan in olive oil I fried of the onions & garlic then added all the spices heating them carefully to bring out their aromas then I added the kecap manis, malt vinegar & red wine then simmered until this mixture was tender I then blended this until thick & smooth, I added this paste to the fruit pulp a bit more vinegar & the sugar I then boiled this until thick then I bottled it, it turned out so good.

Lemons & Plums Lemons & Plums

Well it is wet outside so I cant do much so doing another blog, I have been a bit busy as I visited my friend in Hobart who has the best lemon tree ever and I scored two large buckets of lemons to process.
I’m made two jars of preserved lemons one for me & one for my friend mum, the one for me has chilly in it yum, I haven’t put other ingredients in my preserved lemons before so thought I would experiment a bit.
I washed the lemons then cut them into quarters not cutting all the way through I then salted each one and stuffed them into a jar until packed rite in, I have seen some peoples on line and they look really neat because they haven’t squashed the lemons in but I am more room efficient I don’t really care how they look my jars are really as full as they can be without them becoming mush…..
Anyway I put a cinnamon stick in each jar, Tassie pepper berries (Tasmannia lanceolata), bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) and chilly in mine and then I covered them with lemon juice put lids on let them sit for a few months and that is.
Preserved lemons
It is a very simple process and there would be many different ingredients you could use depending on taste and use.
Also the Tassie pepper berries will take awhile to soak up the juice and they will become fat and start to release their gorgeous pink juices unfortunately this doesn’t show in these pictures yet.
I still have three quarters of a bucket of lemons left I may make a marmalade with them I think, I love marmalade.
Lemon, Plum & Tassie Pepper Berry Syrup

Next I made a syrup I was hoping to get some elderflowers (Sambucus nigra) but I’ve arrived very late in the season and it is to wet to go look for them today maybe tomorrow I will go as soon as weather allows but I think I have missed the season for the flowers but not to worry the fruit wont be as lucky to get away from me 🙂
The good news is my mums has amazing plum trees in her yard and I want to utilize as many as possible they have become my main snack taking the place of the mangoes up north and I made a plum & rhubarb cake out of them earlier this week it was so good, I do love rhubarb.
I peel the lemons before juicing as I soak these in white vinegar & use as a cleaner or just as a fragrancer…. mmmm not sure that’s a word but you know what I mean the peels are trying to dry in the front window of my van….. come on the sun, I dry them before I put them into the vinegar.
I also put a few bits of the dried rinds in my herbal tea mix.

Wow that was a nice surprise I am sitting here at the back of my van with the door open with an umbrella above the door under the plum tree so I don’t get wet typing this listening to Bob Marley and I was visited by a blue wren n his mob of girls and a fan tail, how lovely what a nice welcome into the new year, there isn’t many native birds in my mums yard lots of black birds and starlings ect but looks like my native feathered brothers n sistas are utilizing the plum trees too 🙂

Back to subject in the syrup I added the fresh lemon juice, plum juice (which is made by adding water boiling and mashing them then straining the juice out), sugar, white vinegar, Tassie pepper berries & some of the dried rind which is strained out before bottling, this is boiled and bottled as in any other syrup recipe.
It is just lovely, it is tart & sweet but not to sweet just how I like it. 🙂



A First For The New Year

Well hope everyone had a great new year if you celebrate that time, I was boring it was to cold and wet for me to leave the van I’m afraid I snuggled up with a good movie.
But I was excited to try Daylily (Hemerocallis sp.) flower buds for the first time ever…… It’s funny what excites me these days seems weird but re learning (I try to use this wording as discovering isn’t a true statement, food knowledge is old knowledge being re learned) a new food sources blows my mind.

Daylily flower buds (Hemerocallis sp.)

Here in Trouwunna/Tasmania my mother has a lovely flower garden and she happens to have daylily plants in her lovely garden which was the first thing I noticed when I got here and I’m sure most people wouldn’t be impressed if you wanted to pick the buds of their flowers before they flower, personally food is more important to me but I do admire flowers for their own sake but all the better if they are edible I recon, so anyway I discretely went around and picked a small number of the flower buds in the afternoon just before dinner time I decide I would like to make a nice plain brown rice dish with them I like to try new foods plainly so I can really taste them to figure out what flavors I think they will go well with.
I cooked up some brown rice my favorite and I just added salt, pepper, a bit of chilly, dried slippery jacks (Suillus luteus) & dried Puha (Sonchus sp.).
Daylily flower buds (Hemerocallis sp.) with brown rice.
Well it was amazing they have a very strong distinct flavor and I loved it, I only put that little hand full you can see in the picture above into about 3 cups of rice which is three meals for me and they well and truly flavored the whole dish. So these will definitely be on my must have free foods list. And I’m now wondering and getting exited to see if each different color has a different flavor????

I also had a nibble on a few fresh and they are nutty and sweet so they would be a great addition to salads as well.
The down side is it looks like they have a short season but you know what they say short n sweet but a real treat. 🙂

Beet, Kale & Sow Thistle Kvass

Well this may be my last blog for awhile I’m nearly ready to hit the road and it will take me awhile to settle into a routine and figure out how to use my solar power system ect for laptop.
I visited a friend to say good bye this weekend gone and they gave me some gorgeous beets to use, mine didn’t do so well this year and I was wrapped at the thought of having some energizing lush kvass before my big trip begins I wont be doing to much fermenting where I’m heading I think it will be to hot in the van but I will experiment here n there.
Also I have to brag that whilst at my friends place we indulged in freshly caught abalone or sea mutton and cray fish…..  I like abalone raw and couldn’t wait to have a slice my friends tried it raw to for the first time and liked it this way also, then to the big red steaming cray, I picked the best part of the cray of course the head an upper body bit were the legs join into the  body, hehe it was amazing and I actually liked the cray better than the abalone, my taste are changing as abalone used to be my favorite food but I’m not so sure know…. I think I like cray and sea snails (Warreners) the best.

Anyway back to the kvass, I chopped the beets some kale and a hand full of sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) buds and all and stuffed this into 2 jars, I then made a week brine solution about 1 heaped tables spoon salt to the 31/2 liters of water I poured this over the mix placed a large silver beet leaf on top of the mix to hold down any floaties then I put my pebbles on top of this and covered it all with cloth. Now it is just a matter of waiting for it to brew YUM!
Cheers 🙂

Possum Stew

Just a quicky,  wanted to share my recipe for this Possum stew mmmmmmmmm everything in this stew was foraged or grown by me the only things payed for was the salt, pepper and oil!
I browned the Brush Tailed possum in oil then I added dried wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda) , Hawthorn sauce (Crataegus sp.) mixed with water to cover, I simmered this until the meat was tender.
I then fried red spring onions, baby carrots, stringless & butter beans, baby potatoes, squash, salt & pepper in oil until just tender, I added this and a big heap of silver beet, sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) and nettles (Urtica sp.) to the meat I simmered this for several minute then I hoed in Yummmmm 🙂 sorry no picture as I’m sure you are sick of stew pictures and I don’t have time and energy tonight 🙂

Cucumber crunch with a kick!

DSC_9262_01I have to share this recipe it is fantastic!!
Ok this makes about 1 liter of liquid-

  • 1/2 cup home made fruit vinegar
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 table spoon of sea salt
  • 1 table spoon chilly flacks
  • 1 teaspoon of ground Tasmanian Pepper leaves (Tasmannia lanceolata )
  • 1/2 ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon raw sugar
  • however many cucumbers fit into your jar

Put all the salt and spices into bowl and pour 1/2 the water (Hot!!) over them to release aromas and stir until salt is dissolved. Then cool add rest of water and vinegars, you could boil this if you are worried about impurities but my vinegars are alive so I don’t, pour this yummy liquid over your cucumbers that you have shoved lovingly of course in a big jar I let mine sit on counter for a week or so then put in the fridge.
Now I know not everyone will be able to get a hold of Tassie Pepper leaves it isn’t as available as the pepper berries yet so if you can get the berries use them this will of course change the flavor to mine here but I’m sure would still be fantastic, I don’t have any to play with unfortunately and I know they would make the liquid a vivid pink too they would look pretty special.
Well enjoy 🙂

Crunchy Cucumber Abundance

DSC_9210_01Well this is the first year I’ve had a hot house so I thought I would have a crack at the yummies I haven’t been able to grow before so I planted a few different types of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums.
I now have cucumbers coming out ov my ears, productive little buggas aren’t they!
Not complaining I’ve been munching on them as I potter around the rest of my garden each day they are just like a fruit really. They are so yummy so much yummier than I remember any I have bought way in the past but this is no surprise to anyone growing their own foods.

So with these beautiful little green gems I made two different types of pickles I made a vinegar pickle and a lacto fermented pickle.

DSC_9222_01For the vinegar pickles I rinsed and sliced them thinly and placed them into a jar I then made a mixture of home made fruit vinegar, water, salt, pepper, dill seeds and mustard seeds, I bought this to the boil just to get rid of any impurities and to blend the flavors I then cooled this and poured it in with the cucumbers to the top of the jar and put the lid on loosely I let this sit on my kitchen bench for a coupler days so all the flavors combined then into the fridge because I actually have the fridge on at this time of year, you can just leave them in a cupboard or cool room if not to hot.
With the lacto fermented pickles I rinsed them and put them whole into a big jar I then made a very week salt brine mixture (1 1/2 table spoon to 1 liter water) with pepper, dill and mustard seeds I poured this into the jar to cover the cucumbers and weighted them down with river pebbles I then covered the jar with a cloth, these sat on my bench for about 5 days then I put them into the fridge.
I love both these methods for cucumbers I normaly prefer lacto fermented veggies but since making my own vinegars I’ve been tempted to do both methods and when I have so much produce I can indulge in both.