Camp oven staples

Ok guys I am alive n thought I better share something before you desert me.
I have gotten into a routine ov cooking myself a cake n a damper every week because I have been able to have fire n I prefer to cook on tha fire. I am indulging in being able to have fires up dis way coz once you get south you can’t have a bloody fire virtually anywhere in Australia…….. that n mostly not being able to free bush camp anywhere anymore without breaking tha “LAW” is ruining one ov the greatest things about this country, it has becum a police state/country!
So if it means I have to b an outlaw then so be it, becoz I intend to get away with it as much as possible while I can.

Anyway these were both cooked in tha camp oven, the cake has in it -spelt flour, baking soda, preserved lemons, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, coconut oil n water n I throw in a big pinch ov rock salt not crushed use big bits so wen you are munching along you hit these pockets of scrumptious saltiness mmmmm just bliss.

Tha damper is just spelt flour, plain white flour a bit of backing powder a teaspoon ov olive oil n again with tha salt, I enjoyed this today with tha last ov my Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) n chilly jam tha last ov all my jams actually there is nutin like warm damper n jam for breakie I don’t know wot I’m gonna do from now on 😦

I am still about I just haven’t had any foody things to blog about when I settle down a bit in one spot I will start to blog again more often, I hope you enjoy this little one as much as I enjoyed tha yummy camp oven cooked goodies blogged about
Cheers n take care 🙂


Black as night Cherrie delights

I will say SORRY now to you all for what is to follow, be warned you may feel a funny disturbance deep down in your tummy it will be a mixture of cherry envy n hunger pangs n your mouth may start to drawl ever so slightly 🙂 🙂
Black CherriesBlack Cherries

Black Cherries

Did you feel it?
The shade of velvet black was stunning I have never seen cherries this black n I can’t even tell you how good these were but I’ll try ok- let see they were crisp n made that delicious pop when you teeth broke through the tight skin the juices exploding in your mouth with an almost candy caramel sweetness n your eyes roll back in your head n you are lost for a few seconds then when you come back from that place you take a quick glance around to see if anyone noticed your pleasure face hehehehe how’s that 🙂