Kraut n about n silly buggaz

So this week I got a batch ov green gage plum leathers down they r still drying I made them real thick, so am hoping tha sun stays out. I’ve also got a small amount ov prune plums drying they were a bit on tha green side n I wasn’t sure how they would work but they r sooooo good.

Chilly Sauerkraut

I am drying them in full sun n if you haven’t done it before it looks a bit worrying because they are virtually cooking then drying, it is very different than drying in the shade or a dehydrator, I have done it once before n I loved it, I will keep some just stored dried n I will like last time put some in jars, pour ova a sugar syrup n hot bath them for 20 minutes. They come out plump sweet n intense.

Mum had a couple cabbages in her garden that she said I could use so I made a chilly sauerkraut out ov one.
Chilly SauerkrautChilly Sauerkraut











First I chopped (this time finer than usual becoz I want it quicker) tha cabbage n then I layered the cabbage chilly flakes n salts into my jar, I used normal sea salt n my special salt you can add what ever you like to it.

In between layers I pounded the lot with my rolling pin, once I finished all the cabbage I pushed it all down under tha liquid, I then put my pebbles on top to hold the vegetable matter under the liquid then I put anotha weight on top ov the pebbles for good measure. In a few days I removed the extra weight leaving tha pebbles on top n I placed a lid loosely on tha jar, this will sit in a cupboard until ready maybe a couple weeks, I will keep checkin everything is under the liquid n 4 readiness some people like their kraut softer n more well done than othas, I like mine still a bit crunchy.

Oh n as you can see there my dad thought it would be funny to stick his mug in tha shot…. n I said if that has come out clearish I’m gonna put it in my blog! So I did, see that’s wot hapin when ya muck around. 🙂
Chilly Sauerkraut

I am going to do more plums soon, I will do a better blog on them when I do.


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