Sorrow, Mournin, Mullein Medicine n Apricot Yummiezzzzz

So this fortnight I have visited Parrdarrma (Paredarerme) a fair bit ov tha time I attended tha Putalina festival mid month n or though tha weather woz a bit miserable the festivities were well still festive πŸ™‚

I woz also invited by the local Parrdarrma mob flag raising on Friday tha 23rd at Boomer Bay for tha start ov their Survival Day weekend get togetha (their flag is lowered for actual Invasion Day 26th January, they do not celebrate on dat day) this woz a great privilege n a very special day, connections for a lifetime made.

I then stayed on “my uncles property” Parrdarrma land just around tha corna a bit, dis property is sea water frontage n he has a massive sheltered fire place to hang out in n warm up around, it woz tha first time I’ve a a good fire for awhile, I really miss fire wen I can’t or just plain “Not Allowed” 2 have one.

Verbascum thapsus (Mullein)I spent sum time there fishing, gathering mussels, oysters n snails n yah I finally likin tha oysters, I cooked the mussels on the coals in their own juices n they were superb, I cooked tha oysters on their shells n poured a nip ov cider on them at the end n they were good enuff to eat, up until then I haven’t liked them n couldn’t make myself eat them but these were ok next time I am gonna try smokin n bottlin them.

I didn’t catch any fish there but my fatha n brotha who were there to caught a good haul of fish n I ended up wid lots ov fish heads for soup my favorite! n I got to eat raw flat head roe rite out of their tummies n washed down wid home brew, it doesn’t get any fresha than dat a.

My uncle shot a rabbit for me n I made a lovely rabbit stew in tha camp oven, I also brain tanned tha skin/fur my first attempt at dis technique n it turned out great but it is very hard on tha joints in tha hands n I couldn’t do as much as I would like or as many as I would ideally like to do to make anything substantial, I think my tannin days r ova sadly or hopefully it could just be tha weatha down here but good news is my eatin days are not ova, I luv rabbit.

I didn’t get to take any pic’s ov these things because my niece Dannika had a million questions for me n there were to many people around in tha space to start muckin round wid a camera n I was just enjoyin tha moment so you will have to take my word dat it was all scrumptious.
Verbascum thapsus (Mullein)Verbascum thapsus (Mullein)

I called into attend tha Hobart Invasion Day rally n support tha community on a very sorrowful day for dis land n it’s first peoples n a very shameful day for everyone else celebratin tha invasion ov dis land n it’s peoples, I wont say anymore bout tha subject it is to sad. 😦

Anyway wot I want to share is about tha Mullein n apricots I prepared, I had cut up n pitted a lot ov apricots befor leavin mums n I put sum on trays on my dash for leathers n sum I froze for lata which I made jam wid for my mum n dad.

Verbascum thapsus (Mullein)On tha way to my uncles I found a patch ov mullein (Verbascum thapsus) dat wasn’t in a spray zone so I pulled up n picked a heap which I sat it out on baskets in tha van to dry, it take mullein ages to dry especially because the weather is terrible here at present so once I got back to my mums I put it in tha oven on real low to finish it off, once dried I crushed up n stuffed it into a big jar for lata use, I will use it in mixed herbal teas for myself in general n if I feel like I’m getin a cold or congested n especially for a friend ov mine dat has lung problems.

Now tha apricots tha leathers dried off much beta than I expected as I have neva done them before I thought they would turn real dark a but they kept their color really well as you can see. They came out nice n thick to n once dry enuff I rolled these n stored them for lata use, these n tha plum leathers r good for wen you know you get a bit blocked up hehe πŸ˜‰

Apricot leathersApricot leathers

Well dats it for now like I said weatha isn’t to flash so not out n about much but hopefully it will find up for febuary so until then yalada πŸ™‚
Oh n as you can probably see I am a bit obsessed wid my mums lizards, I luv lizards…..

Apricot jam n leathers



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