Kentish Cherry YUM! :)

Yah for managing 2 get some kentish cherries (Prunus cerasus) this year, the last few years I have missed them just because ov bad timing n you have to be quick as tha birds also luv kentish cherries n tha cherry slugs n tha sun burns them some times 2….

Anyway I picked about 6 kg, I will stew a couple as I luv them freshly stewed, my grandmother always had a pot on tha stove for desert wen I was a child.

I made jam out ov tha rest to use later wen I am up tha otha end ov tha country where they do not grow n will be a real treat.


I processed the pulp from tha cherries just like I explained in tha last blog about cherry plum sauce, cooked, cooled n pushed through a sieve then cooked using normal jam recipes amounts with tha addition ov 1 cup ov lemon juice n pith puree.

Kenitsh cherries if you have never had them are quite sour not like the black cherries so they are ideal for cooking they make great pies n crumbles.

By pruefreefood

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