Wild Plums n Lemons Abound

Hi everyone I’m finally back at it, I have bin on tha road for some time n haven’t really had much weed wise to blog about but I am back in my home state trouwunna/Tasmania for a few months n will be foraging like a crazy woman to restock before departing permanently to tha tropic’s.

A lot of what I live on weed wise do not grow where I am relocating too so I want to gather n store as much as I can fit in my van n that I am physically able to gather.

So as usual at this time ov year wild plums abound along with luckily 4 me berries, so first off I have made a wild plum leather with a very small dryer variety of wild plum one I haven’t eva found before.
I crushed these with my hand & squished out tha pulp which I then pushed through a sieve I then oiled my stainless steel trays spread tha pulp out evenly n dried, luckily it was a hot couple ov days n they dried quickly I then have to scrap the dried leather off the tray cut to size n roll then store.

Wild Plum Leathers


After the leathers I made Cherry Plum, Tassie Pepper Berry n Tamarind hot sauce.
Wild Plums
I washed n just covered plums with water n boiled until the flesh was falling off seeds I then pushed the pulp through a sieve n added back to tha pot, I added brown n spring onions, lemon juice n pith food processed n also pushed through sieve, spices such as curry, mustard, coriander seed, cumin seeds, cloves n Tassie Pepper Berries (tasmannia lanceolata), chilly, black pepper, white pepper, salt n bay leaves. I also added a big heap ov tamarind that I collected last year in Mossman FNQLD I boiled it all at this point for about an hour until it reduced by about 1 inch I then added white vinegar n sugar, I don’t follow recipes but there was about 4 liters ov fruit liquid so I added about 2 1/2 cups of vinegar n 2 kg sugar.
Wild PlumsI boiled this for a further hour or so until it reduced another inch or more then I added corn flour to thickened to tha final consistency I wanted, I then bottled.
Wild Plum n Tassie Pepper Berry  n Tamarind Hot Sauce

I was also lucky enough this season to pick a heap ov berries from a friends dads yard, I made a mixed berry n lemon jam with these for elders friends n family.

I ended up with about 4 kg ov fruit to this I added 2 cups ov lemon juice n pith, tha one that I food processed up n pushed through a sieve along with 3 kgs sugar it was then oiled n jarred.
Mixed Berry n Lemon Jam

Finally I made a lemon n cherry plum cordial, tha color is amazing the color comes out ov tha skins of tha fruit when boiled so once strained with minimal disturbance to the pulp itself to maintain clarity I added only clear lemon juice sugar n vinegar about 1/2 cup ov vinegar to every 1 liter liquid n 2 cups ov sugar to every liter.
Wild Cherry Plum n Lemon Cordial

Well thats it for now I am hoping to pick yellow plums soon for leathers, happy foraging everyone 🙂



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