Plantain Balm


Here is a blog on my first plantain (Plantago sp.) balm it is so exciting, I’m so wrapped I finally got around to doing this I’m so looking forward now to making many many more medicinal balms, I have so any ideas.

Plantain balm (Plantago sp.)

Plantain balm (Plantago sp.)











I picked n dried the plantain leaves then I crushed them up really finely n put them into a jar with about 1 cup of coconut oil, I sat this in the sun n gave it a good shake everyday for about 10 days.

Plantain balm (Plantago sp.)Plantain balm (Plantago sp.)


I then strained the oil to remove all the solids then to this I added some melted bees wax I gave this a good stir n poured it into little containers to set. I will use this on skin irritations, burns or stings.


6 comments on “Plantain Balm

  1. yer I will I need to melt it down again n add a bit more oil, I got carried away with the wax it is a bit hard but that’s ok that is how I learn it is all experimentation to me fun is in the learning….. I will let you guys know as soon as I get stung or get a rash ect if it is as good as fresh leaves ok…. thanks 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m just now starting to learn about foraged medicinal herbs and plantain is everywhere in our yard. May I ask how did you dry them? Oven? Sun? Dehydrator? Thank you!!!

  3. Hay mate I’m glad you are exited about it all, there is so much medicine n food out there to experiment with. I shade dried mine in my van, sun will burn herbs n kill medicinal value so just put them in shady, warm but breezy spot to dry if you have a hot room or your car if you use car make sure they are cover from the sun n use a little fan if you want to speed it up. Good luck 🙂

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