New Focus

Ok guys there is a blog coming after this but I just needed to express how I’m feeling and to let you all know I have made a personal decision to not share any more knowledge on Australian native foods. This is something I have been struggling with for quite some time now, the struggle for me is I do not want to be responsible for people using the knowledge I share here to disrespect the beautiful cultures to whom it belongs too n I don’t want people bashing through the bush disrespectfully just taking whatever they want with no gratitude n respect for the cultures, people n land.
I do not trust that we as none indigenous people even understand the real meaning of respect with rare exceptions, in saying this I do not wish to disrespect anyone but I believe our understanding of respect is a very twisted version that we use in a form that suits our egocentric, materialistic greedy lives/society. The whole colonization n occupation of this country is based on the criminal act of attempted genocide, steeling n lying.

This is an illegally occupied country sovereignty was never ceded and every person that benefits from this great land n are privileged enough to call it “home” is a part of this use n abuse in their own way, our illegal occupation, raping n pillaging ov this lands natural resources for our own use in blissful or purposeful ignorance to the plight of the first people of this land are the continuation of the pain n suffering the first people experience every day of their lives.

When I say natural resources I also include in this intellectual property, we do not have a god given rite to any of their knowledge to use how ever n when ever we want for our own benefit monetary or otherwise n fuck (excuse the language) the cultures, people n land which it comes from, this is sacred n precious knowledge n it is theirs it is the lands, the land gave it to them they are not separate from it something we could never understand, people cant even seem to grasp the concept of women’s business n men’s business n even if you don’t understand the numerous details which change from culture to culture with in this land it is pretty explanatory isn’t it, WOMEN’S business n MEN’S, think about it. (n I will not go into this with people here, it is time we all took the initiative to learn n find out for ourselves how to be respectful n how to behave appropriately)

My understanding of my own people is not at all flattering n is probably slightly confronting to those wallowing in their blissful ignorance or denial, we came here n stole everything from them, we tried to wipe them from existence, it is a SHAME we will forever pay for until we are genuinely SORRY also a concept I don’t think we really grasp again we are only sorry when it suits us to be, we aren’t so sorry that everything changes because you are so effected by seeing the truth of responsibility.
All our understandings are perverted by our greedy Sickening money base systems n society that we have created, our white privilege blind us to the shameful world record topping average death rates n shocking health, suicide n incarceration statistics of this countries first peoples.

And I say sick because I do believe it is a sickness, white privilege is a sickness n the society we have created is sick n degenerate, we are the savages. I have look deep inside myself n my people/”culture” to reveal all these truths, it was a hard, painful ego destroying journey not yet ended by far but it has changed my life, the truth the brutal truth sets you free, it acts upon you once fully seen n felt your only option is to turn your back n try to pretend like it all isn’t happening n spend the rest of your days trying to delude n convince yourself that you have nothing to do with any of it, it wont work because you know deep down inside that is not the truth, there is this niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you see or here about these shocking things we have done n are still doing whilst living the GOOD life n it will haunt you to the your very last breath if you have any conscious at all.

So that said I’m sorry to the people here to gain that particular knowledge or who just have a general interest in it, I will not be apart of it, I have to live with my actions n at the end of the day n of my life know I was true of heart n that it ends with me, my ancestral family ignorance ends with me, I pay it back every moment of every day in remorse, love, respect n joy, that is all that matters to me.

Thanks for listening if you did.

Cheers P.


2 comments on “New Focus

  1. I’m sorry you’re not going to share your knowledge any more. I understand where your coming from, but I disagree that the sort of people who go bashing through the bush disrespectfully are not the same people who will read and benefit from your blog. The bush bashers couldn’t care less. Those of us who want to share the fruits of nature understand only too well that we have to treasure and not destroy what nature provides.

    Yes, white culture is sick. One day it will destroy itself and that’s a fitting end. Some of us will live on with new-found understanding and knowledge, thanks to people like you who’ve taken the trouble to share.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog. I hope you won’t take it down, but will leave it up for others to learn from what you’ve written already.

    Best wishes.

  2. Oh I’m not stopping mate just the native stuff I’m still blogging on weeds, mushies, cooking, fermenting ect 🙂

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