Black as night Cherrie delights

I will say SORRY now to you all for what is to follow, be warned you may feel a funny disturbance deep down in your tummy it will be a mixture of cherry envy n hunger pangs n your mouth may start to drawl ever so slightly 🙂 🙂
Black CherriesBlack Cherries

Black Cherries

Did you feel it?
The shade of velvet black was stunning I have never seen cherries this black n I can’t even tell you how good these were but I’ll try ok- let see they were crisp n made that delicious pop when you teeth broke through the tight skin the juices exploding in your mouth with an almost candy caramel sweetness n your eyes roll back in your head n you are lost for a few seconds then when you come back from that place you take a quick glance around to see if anyone noticed your pleasure face hehehehe how’s that 🙂


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