Weed & Flower Pesto

Weed & Flower Pesto

Today I scrounged around my mothers yard for some food and I ended up picking enough weeds & flowers to make a nice pesto.
Weed & Flower Pesto

Nettels (Urtica dioica) Sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) Lambs quarters (Chenopodium album) Mallow (Malva sylvestris) leaves and flowers, Daylilly (Hemerocallis sp.) flower buds, Zuchinni flowers and Parsley plus I added to all this yummy fresh greeness my special salt mix which is made up of salt, white & black pepper, Tassie pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata) leaves & berries, powdered sea letuce (Ulva lactuca), I also added chilly flakes, paprika and olive oil. If I could afford nice organic garlic I would have put some roast garlic into it as well but it is still good without it.
I had to hand chop it all because my mums Bamix is broken so I now have a blister on my knife hand but it was worth it in the end. I will add this to things like pasta, noodles, stew, toast and what ever I can think off.


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