A First For The New Year

Well hope everyone had a great new year if you celebrate that time, I was boring it was to cold and wet for me to leave the van I’m afraid I snuggled up with a good movie.
But I was excited to try Daylily (Hemerocallis sp.) flower buds for the first time ever…… It’s funny what excites me these days seems weird but re learning (I try to use this wording as discovering isn’t a true statement, food knowledge is old knowledge being re learned) a new food sources blows my mind.

Daylily flower buds (Hemerocallis sp.)

Here in Trouwunna/Tasmania my mother has a lovely flower garden and she happens to have daylily plants in her lovely garden which was the first thing I noticed when I got here and I’m sure most people wouldn’t be impressed if you wanted to pick the buds of their flowers before they flower, personally food is more important to me but I do admire flowers for their own sake but all the better if they are edible I recon, so anyway I discretely went around and picked a small number of the flower buds in the afternoon just before dinner time I decide I would like to make a nice plain brown rice dish with them I like to try new foods plainly so I can really taste them to figure out what flavors I think they will go well with.
I cooked up some brown rice my favorite and I just added salt, pepper, a bit of chilly, dried slippery jacks (Suillus luteus) & dried Puha (Sonchus sp.).
Daylily flower buds (Hemerocallis sp.) with brown rice.
Well it was amazing they have a very strong distinct flavor and I loved it, I only put that little hand full you can see in the picture above into about 3 cups of rice which is three meals for me and they well and truly flavored the whole dish. So these will definitely be on my must have free foods list. And I’m now wondering and getting exited to see if each different color has a different flavor????

I also had a nibble on a few fresh and they are nutty and sweet so they would be a great addition to salads as well.
The down side is it looks like they have a short season but you know what they say short n sweet but a real treat. 🙂


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