Leaving my northern paradise

Ok sorry been a bit slack moving back down south has knocked me about a bit my body does not like the cold…..
Anyway I though I would post the last few things I did up north that I didn’t get around to posting.

Here are some pictures of some massive parasol mushrooms (Macrolepiota sp.) I found just before I left, I managed to pick a young one the older ones were massive as big a dinner plates and as you can see from the pictures it wasn’t a pleasant experience the sensitive weed (Mimosa pudica) up north has gotten really bad now and it is become harder to have bare feet in some spots unfortunately I ended up having to carry a pair of old croks in the car with me encase but I had snuk under the fence and was already in the paddock I just wanted to grab n run well hobble fastish for me but check out the look on my face when I landed in a patch of sensitive weed hehehe.

Well I got the mushie home along with some other ones I was interested in and researched them with the parasol I came to the conclusion it was a slender parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota mastoidea) it wasn’t very nice tasting and I was so disappointed because it smelled just like the yummy ones Macrolepiota procera that I pick in Trouwunna/Tasmania but much bigger n I though all my dreams had come true a. 😦

We also got a lot of puff balls (Calvatia cyathiformis) that I have talked about previously.

I don’t normally like to post pictures of myself but my yaba Mick was with me and took these n they are pretty funny so what tha hell here goes enjoy and hopefully I will be back into it in no time 🙂 Ps- they are all phone photos hence the quality.

Me picking mushrooms

me picking mushrooms

Me picking mushrooms

Slender Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota mastoidea)

Slender Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota mastoidea)

Slender Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota mastoidea)Pictures of the bounty we got that day 🙂


20131202_182122And finally some mayi yaba Mick bought home for me the day before I left the bush passion fruit (passiflora foetida) was so good and the other little ones there I cant remember the name he said but I will ask yaba Mick n add it later they were nice too.

Bush Passion fruit Bush Passion Fruit (passiflora foetida)So I bid a sad farewell to my new Kuku Yalanji family n friends and I acknowledge and show respect to the Kuku Yalanji ancestors, elders n all the people for sharing their country with me which has sustained my life for the last 6 months, thank you my heart is filled with joy and I feel blessed. x



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