Mushie season in the tropics

Agaricus sp.Well I’m so surprised by the variety of fungi popping up here in the tropics! I thought the majority of fungi were temperate but no some species I have found in a temperate zones are popping up here in the tropics so I think fungi may be more dependent on rain not temperatures, very interesting.
I have found what I think is a field mushroom (Agaricus sp.) of some sort it is smaller than the ones in Trouwunna/Tasmania but taste the same I also found a small amount of tinny puff balls of the Lycoperdon genus along the road and then blow be down if yaba Mick & his mate didn’t turn up back home with two large puff balls from up around Cooktown area, he figured I would be able to say if edible or not they all think it is quite funny my obsession and excitement over mayi/wild foods and they just looked at each other and laughed when I said YES you can eat them and got all exited about it……..
Brain puff ball (Calvatia craniformis)The puff balls they found are what I believe to be the brain puff ball (Calvatia craniformis) it is the biggest puff ball I have seen so far in Australia and yaba mick said there were heaps of them so I will know for next season now.
I fried up the mushies I had found then added parsley and a white sauce, I sliced the two yaba mick bought home and fried them up in olive oil with just a bit of salt and pepper they were nice they went crispy brown on the outside but were still a gooey soft white on the inside like what I remember fried Camembert cheese to be like but not as runny just marshmallowy…..
Puff balls aren’t my favorite mushies but they aren’t bad so I will definitely harvest them next year and please excuse the pictures we all didn’t get home until later in the arvo and it was very stormy and dark, we were going to eat the mushies that night so I had to try to take pictures inside the house, not the best. 🙂


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