Fruit with Bells on it

Well it is 3am in the bloody morning and I’m up n about already the nearly full moon, crying kujir/curlews and singing jarruka/orange footed scrub hen tricked my body clock and maybe I wont sleep at all tonight…….. but that’s ok I must listen to my inner clock and if it says GET UP I do unless very unwell.
So while I’m up to early to do much else I shall blog 🙂
Bell fruit Syzygium samarangenseI was visiting Aunty the other day to drop off some goodies I had cooked up and noticed these funny shaped red fruits everywhere in her garden I asked her about them and she said they were called bell fruit she also told me the island name for them and darn my memory if I don’t write everything down I forget it unless I hear it a few times and it feels rude to be wiping out the old note pad every time they tell me something so I just got to go with the flow everything come with time hay.
She could see I was very interested in them and said help ya self to them the ones that have fallen in the pot plants are good, so I picked a small basket full up said my good byes and headed home.
I looked the fruit up on the net and decided it must be Syzygium samarangense, there are quite a few different ones of that shape, it isn’t native to Australia.
Syzygium species would be the most useful genus of plant I have knowledge of so far in my wild food journey, some introduced some native to Australia there are so many of them and in my experience so far I have managed to find at least one in every climate zone I have been in and I find their fruits make up a lot of my wild food diet fresh or cooked and I’m adding to the list continually especially up here in the tropics at the moment.
So at home I sorted the badly bruised ones from the good washed and cut them up to make a jam for her and some of the other Aunties, it is the first time I have seen these up close and personal I remember seeing something similar but larger in Indonesia or Malaysia and I think it was called a lady apple not sure so I had no idea of how it would turn out, I love the unknown it keeps everything interesting.
They cooked up fine and made a lovely bright red jam but unfortunately I don’t love their flavor so we will see if Aunty likes it or not, I had to give it ago and there are so many wild and native fruits up here this one is no loss to me I can afford to be fussy but if the Aunties like it I will cook it up for them. 🙂


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