Mango & Tamarind Madness Continued

Mango & Tamarind RelishOk it is the first time I have fermented something directly in the sun I was inspired by an indian mango relish recipe so I gave it a go, I cut and pulped up magoes as previously shown and I addded Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) pulp, spices, chilly, mustards seeds and raw sugar. I let this sit outside in the sun for about five days and it is hot up here about 31 in the shade……. It was so active I had to put a bowl under the glass jar because it bubbled over it was wildly active for the whole time I had it out side and then for another week inside on the kitchen bench I didnt think it was going to stop so I put it in the fridge the excaped liquid taste very alcholic and I felt a bit tipsy after tasting it, I had it in the fridge for a week and it is still active as soon as it hits room temperature I’m not sure how long it would actually take to stop so it will live in the fridge. I dont love this one it is quite alcholic tasting it is an unusual taste but I’m sure some people would love it so dont be afraid to try it just because I’m saying I don’t like it 🙂


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