Fun With Funny Fungi Ears

Whilst walking my regular Mayi (Yalanji for food) trail the other morning I found some Jew’s ear fungi (Auricularia auricula-judae) on an old rotten log there was just enough for a feed so I took them home and had them fried up with eggs on toast with home made mango & tamarind chutney, they are not my favorite fungi but I am always happy to add something anything wild and different to my diet.

Jews ear fungi Auricularia auricula-judae,I am having to leave my tropical paradise in a couple of months I have to go back to Tasmania to pay off the bill for fixing my van. I can live off the land down there better than anywhere else because I know that country and climate very well.. So I will be blogging about temperate foods and fungi again from January, I am most exited about the fungi they are my absolute favorite wild food and just in general I am fascinated with the fungi kingdom.

So even though going back to Tas was unplanned and unexpected so soon I am seeing all the positives everything happens for a reason and it is getting very wet, hot and humid up here now, but I am hoping for a couple more bush foods that I have had my eye on to be ripe for me before I go so I can share about them, so not finished yet 🙂


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