Tamarind Update

So an up date on my tamarind (Tamarindus indica) experiments so far, I am trying a couple different way to preserve tamarinds for later use I have frozen some of the pulp as talked about previously and I have now tried to dry it, I pulled the seeds and pulp out of the shell and left them hole I then sat it out in the sun for a few days then inside in a hot room with a fan going for well over a week and it just wouldn’t completely dry out which makes sense because it is still quite moist when you buy it in the blocks and I have never seen it completely dry and now I know why also it must have like its own preservative because it didn’t get moldy at all.

Tamarind drying
I stuffed the tamarind into a fido jar and it is sitting on the kitchen bench I’m hoping it will keep like that so when I get on the road again I can take it with me and it will keep without a fridge.



2 comments on “Tamarind Update

  1. ok I just had to find it n have a look n it is fine no mold at all so far, I think it has a natural preservative. 🙂

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