Kombucha Madness & Pineapple Vinegar

Lilly Pilly Kombucha & Water Melon & Paw Paw Kombucha & Pineapple vinegarIn the picture above you can see from left to right- Water melon, paw paw, ginger & turmeric kombucha then in the middle the River cherry/Lilly pilly (Syigium fibrosum)  kombucha and then my Pineapple vinegar.
In the first kombucha on the left I blended water melon and paw paw together I then added some ginger & turmeric bug and kombucha and let sit to brew.
In the River Cherry kombucha I put the seeds of the river cherries that were left over from jam making in a batch of kombucha to brew and it is amazingly tart I just love it.
The Pineapple vinegar is just a mixture of pineapple rind, raw sugar, water and a small vinegar mother that had formed on my home made fruit vinegar it is bubbling away on the bench nicely it still needs more time and I will up date when it is finished.
I am running out of jars and fridge space…………. 🙂


4 comments on “Kombucha Madness & Pineapple Vinegar

  1. I just put turmeric root in with my ginger, my ginger bug recipe is in my post in my blog somewhere if you type ginger bug in the search engine it should come up I do mine a bit different than most I’ve seen I explain in my ginger bug post 🙂

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