My First Kimchi

KimchiOk this is my first go at Kimchi well it is probably not technically Kimchi but it is the closest for me so far, it could also be referred to as a spicy kraut I suppose but I’m calling it Kimchi ok, I have been dying to make it but just didn’t get around to it at home and I seen this gorgeous locally grown Chinese cabbage at the market the other day and also some lovely purple topped turnips so that sealed the deal Kimchi it is.
I chopped the cabbage into rough slices leaving one leaf whole to cover the lot at the end I grated the crispy white turnip & crushed the garlic I put all this aside in a large bowl and then made a mixture of my home made shoyu sauce, fermented chilly sauce, salt & pepper with a tinny bit of water to loosen it up and then the fun part….. I massaged this all through the veggies and then stuffed the mixture into a large jar I covered the lot carefully with the whole leaf to keep everything under the liquid and then on top of the leaf I placed my river pebbles so everything was under the liquid I put the jar lid on loosely so the gas can escape but insects cant get in you can use a cloth instead if you like and this is now sitting on the bench bubbling away. I cant wait for it to be ready shouldn’t take long here in the tropics I will let you know how it goes soon 🙂


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