Pickled Onions

Pickled onionsHay all just wanted to post about my yummy pickled onions…. Didn’t expect to be making these again for awhile but seeing as I’m not living on the road and have the use of my friend house/kitchen/fridge and someone to feed my yummy food to I did. I found these little baby onions at the market and was so exited about them and to my quizzically looking friend I said you wait till you taste my pickled onions!!!!!
So I peeled the outer layers off and packed them all into a large jar I then made a brine with a few garlic cloves, cloves, pepper, bay leaf and my fermented chilly sauce that I poured over the onions, I put my river pebbles on top of the onions to hold them under the liquid and lastly I put a cloth over the jar hole they sat for a week on the bench and have now been moved to the fridge, wow ferments happen quick up here it’s great 🙂
I hope my pictures aren’t to dark I have the brightness turned down on my screen as my eyes don’t like the bright whiteness and I naturally like darker shots……. I do go and turn it up to check some times but not all the time and then I’m still not 100% sure because everyone is different anyway I hope they are ok for you all 🙂


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