Mustard Zucchini Pickle

Visiting the Rusty Markets in Cairns recently I was over whelmed by all the gorgeous fresh produce everywhere this has to be one of the best food markets in Australia for sure. I found some lovely zucchinis a little bit bigger than most so I bought four of them I haven’t seen proper big ones anywhere like I used to grow mine up to but I can make do with these, I grated the skin and flesh up to the seed which I discarded I put the flesh into a bowl and added some English mustard, home made mustard with whole seeds, white pepper, salt and a spoonful of my fermented chilly sauce to kick start the fermentation process. I only left this on the bench for about four days up here in northern Queensland as it is much quicker than in Tasmania where it took a couple weeks to get the mixture to where I like it. In the picture you can see I had this with my weed cracker, it is hard to see but there are two different cracker on the plate the darker ones on the left are the seaweed & soy sauce weed crackers and the lighter ones on the rite are just my normal weed crackers.

Mustard zucchini pickle with weed crackers

Mustard zucchini pickle with weed crackers

I make these every fortnight to have around as a healthy snack I have already blogged about my crackers but I will go through it again, I don’t use recipes as usual but you need to get this mixture to make a hard dough that can be rolled out without cracking up and the texture of the cracker is a personal thing if you want them to be more short (meaning flakier when bitten into like short breads hence the name) you just add more oil as the liquid to the dough and if you like them hard don’t add as much bicarb soda, baking powder and oil to the mixture.
So in my normal crackers I add – Wholemeal flour, Chick pea/ Besan flour, dried Sow thistle/Puha (Sonchus sp), Mustard greens (Brassica sp.), Nettles (Urtica sp.), sea lettuce (Ulva sp.) Tasmanian Pepper Berry leaf (Tasmannia lanceolata), powdered Slippery Jacks (Suliius sp), celery salt, black & white pepper, herbal salts (Herbahare), poppy seeds, mustard seeds, nettle seeds, bicarb soda and baking powder then to this dry mixture I add enough oil and water to make a hard dough. I then roll this out put onto trays stab with a fork all over and bake until lightly brown. The soy and seaweed crackers just have more sea lettuce in them with some dark soy sauce and chilly for extra punch.


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