Love Healing

Ok where do I start sitting here looking out the back of my not so mobile home on this breathtakingly beautiful morning listening to my little feathered bruthas n sistas singing their songs in harmony with the crickets that I can hear but rarely see my heart is over flowing with joy and love not love as in the personal thing that is yours that can be taken away or lost but the love that is revealed when you see with your whole mind and body the truth of ones connectedness to the land and all living things on this magic planet.
I’ve always felt connected to and nurtured by nature/land it is where I feel safe loved and most at peace and being privileged enough to be on country with the elders of my beloved second home KuKu Yalanji country has strengthened and deepened this connect even more than I could of imagine.
Sharing the pain of these elders (including all bama/aboriginal peoples old and young all effected by the invasion of their country) is not only the greatest privilege but the most powerfully healing experience of my life.
Seeing and feeling the effects MY ancestry has had on and still today has on these most forgiving of people is deeply deeply hurtful but in that full acknowledgment and acceptance there is the beginning of healing for all bama and waybala (white fellas), if only we could all take that fist step together.
I felt betrayed that as a child I wasn’t fully informed about our/my TRUE history at home or in school, I only found out the real truth in my later 30’s so much lost time but at least my journey has started and I will say this if you have children please don’t deny them their truth the truth of this land their home let them have that one thing, it is the most important knowledge you could ever give them, for you and them and I hope from this they will be blessed with the friendship and love of the first people of this great land.

It is about respect that is why I need to again acknowledge the elders and their ancestors past and present who’s land I now reside on and the land I now respectfully forage from for my life’s sustenance this includes importantly my spiritual wellness. These are not just words for me it is real more real than I can convey here in writing.


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  1. haha thanks, spelling isn’t my specialty I couldn’t do this with out spell check and it doesn’t do places…… 😦

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