Carob Pods

Carob Pods (2)

Carob Pods

A friend of mine in Alice Springs showed me a Carob bush (Ceratonia siliqua) just up from his place, it was the first time I had seen one and when I picked up a pod and smelt it it gave me flash back of being a child because when I was a child I was allergic to all sorts of foods and I couldn’t eat chocolate so my mum used to buy carob for me instead, I didn’t love the flavor then being a kid and all because I just wanted normal chocolate but later in life having not consumed dairy all my adult life I had no milk chocolate reference to compare it to so I could just enjoy the carob in it’s own rite the few time I bought it to try.
They smelt so good and I’m up for any free food so I pick up a bunch of the pods and dried them, they are pretty hard so I just broke the pods up into smaller chunks with my pestle and mortar and brewed them up in a pot on the stove to release the flavors it was very good anI very surprised how sweet it was.
It is nice on it’s own but I’m also going to add it to my roasted acorn (Quercus), Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinal) and Dock root (Rumex obtusifolius).
Carob pods


















Carob Pods Dock & Dandelion roots & AcornAbove is the mix I just brew this on the stove for about 2 to 3 minute and drink strait I don’t add anything to it, well that’s it for this one I definitely recommend this one if you can find it or grow it. 🙂


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