Road Kill Euro Wallaby Tail Stew

Ok this is my first road kill stew of the trip and it is also my first taste of the Euro wallaby, the Euro is a species of Macropod one of the few native animals that flourished with European settlement/ invasion. It is so abundant around the Flinders Rangers unfortunately to the extent of pest proportions. It has obviously benefited the gorgeous wedge tailed eagles and of course the humble crow that I’ve seen feasting upon the plentiful road kill but they are really destroying the flora of the area which is effecting the smaller residence down the food chain.

Anyway I was lucky enough to come across this fresh one before the eagles got it it, I would hate to feel like I was steeling from them! So I removed it’s tail stored until that evening and made yes another stew, you will have to get used to my favourite way of preparing foods which is obviously stews!! especially meats, it is just the most simple and easy way to prepare foods and especially now living on the road with minimal cooking area and equipment.
Also that day in Chambers Gorge on a short walk to some of the best petroglyph’s I’ve seen outside the Pilbra in Western Australia I found some fresh greens ones lucky enough to be out of the many goats greedy reach,  but not mine, these included sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) some sort of wild mustard green (Barasica sp.) a very strongly flavoured one and some sort of large fleshy leafed sorrel (Rumex sp.) I’m sure it is a sorrel but don’t know for sure, it was very nice anyway very tart/sour so the stew ended up being a ripper and I had the night before made mustard greens flat bread so it was quite a meal.

Wild mustard greens,sow thistle,large leafed sorell
The stew was the norm what ever bought root veggies I had plus my sun-dried tomatoes, dried sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) dried Nettles (Urtica dioica), one of my home made sauces, other herbs n spices and I added Tassie peppers (Tasmanica lanceolata) to this one for extra kick.
The flat bread were just normal flour water yeast and I added dried mustard greens to give them some kick.
Again cooked on the open fire you cant beat food cooked on an open fire.

Road kill Euro tail stew and Tassie peppers


2 comments on “Road Kill Euro Wallaby Tail Stew

  1. Chambers Gorge, Wedge Tail Eagles. 🙂
    Perhaps it is the circular petroglyphs near Arkaroola?

  2. The glyphs were at Chambers gorge an aboriginal protected area in between about 60 km north-east of Blinman in the Flinders Ranges between south Flinders and Gammon rangers. I didn’t see any glyphs at Arkaroola not that I went far there it was to wet n cold.

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