Update on Acorns

Ok quick up date on Acorn (Quercus sp.) experimentation, I found a box of acorns from last season in the back of my cupboard that I was cleaning out and I didn’t want to throw them out so I sorted through them removing any open and worm holed ones,  I then just chucked them in the oven holus bolus to see what would happen…… they smelt absolutely amazing!!!!!
I roasted them until the started to smell burnt then I removed them to cool the shell just came off easy as and the acorn looks nice and dark roasted inside so easy much easier than de shelling them by hand but you can only use this method if you aren’t interested in or have a tree that you don’t need to leach. I don’t bother leaching mine for my coffee substitute as I like the bitter tannins.
So there you go just by trying things you find great new ways to do things, always learning I love it 🙂


8 comments on “Update on Acorns

  1. Cheers mate, Acorns are a great free abundant food source they are definitely worth trying if you haven’t all ready.

  2. hello Prue! I couldnt find your facebook group so i thought i would leave a comment here its Claire who you gave a lift back to the ferry from Nayri Niara. I had a little gander at your blog thanks for the awesome resource! x

  3. Hay sista…… search for Foraging,Fermenting & Growing food you should find it unda that.x

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