Lambs Quarters experiment.

DSC_9243_01Looking out my studio window the other day I spotted some lush weeds over in the vacant yard next door and knowing that the people last there didn’t spray I headed over to check it out.

There was a nice little bunch of both mint (Mentha sp.) and Sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) but best of all there was a huge patch of Lambs quarters (Chenopodium album) I was wrapped I have found little bits n pieces here n there before but never this much so it is a great chance to experiment with processing.

I want to dry this for when I hit the road shortly and I wanted to see which way works the best, I stripped the leaves off half and left the other half whole branches to dry obviously the easier option, I dry my nettles and mint on the branches and then crush the leaves off the stems and this works well but it doesn’t work well with all greens so I’m experimenting and I thought it would be of interest to you guys too. 🙂

In the picture below hopefully you can see all my goodies ready to dry, it is hard to get a good picture up there sorry.


Well I found the best way was definitely taking the leaves of the main stems as they dried heaps quicker than the others left on stem, the others still dried but the quicker the better I recon. I’m not sure if the plants loose nutrition the long the drying time but the quicker I can move things on the better because I have limited space up there and I always have something drying it doesn’t really get used as an art studio much any more! oh by the way I use a pedestal fan in my little upstairs studio which is nice and  hot, below you can see the dried leaves on my bamboo basket.

DSC_9273_01 I crushed these up and put it all through a sieve to remove any left over stems and then I put it into a clean dry jar for later use.
Just this evening I accidently put it in with my dried crushed sow thistles (Sonchus sp.) thats what you get for not labeling things straight away…..  they all look the same but it’s no biggie just a lesson if you want to keep things separate!
I hope this helps with your foraged food processing in the future, every little bit of knowledge helps I think it may seem simple but you could waste a hole bunch of this if you did it wrong it’s not so nice yellow.


2 comments on “Lambs Quarters experiment.

  1. How do you use the dried ground greens? I’ve used lambs quarters before both raw and in cooked dishes but not dried.

  2. oh mate I use them in everything damper, breads, muffins, pasta. then I use them in pasta sauces, stews, soups what ever you are cooking that you think the flavors will work in. 🙂

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