Crunchy Cucumber Abundance

DSC_9210_01Well this is the first year I’ve had a hot house so I thought I would have a crack at the yummies I haven’t been able to grow before so I planted a few different types of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums.
I now have cucumbers coming out ov my ears, productive little buggas aren’t they!
Not complaining I’ve been munching on them as I potter around the rest of my garden each day they are just like a fruit really. They are so yummy so much yummier than I remember any I have bought way in the past but this is no surprise to anyone growing their own foods.

So with these beautiful little green gems I made two different types of pickles I made a vinegar pickle and a lacto fermented pickle.

DSC_9222_01For the vinegar pickles I rinsed and sliced them thinly and placed them into a jar I then made a mixture of home made fruit vinegar, water, salt, pepper, dill seeds and mustard seeds, I bought this to the boil just to get rid of any impurities and to blend the flavors I then cooled this and poured it in with the cucumbers to the top of the jar and put the lid on loosely I let this sit on my kitchen bench for a coupler days so all the flavors combined then into the fridge because I actually have the fridge on at this time of year, you can just leave them in a cupboard or cool room if not to hot.
With the lacto fermented pickles I rinsed them and put them whole into a big jar I then made a very week salt brine mixture (1 1/2 table spoon to 1 liter water) with pepper, dill and mustard seeds I poured this into the jar to cover the cucumbers and weighted them down with river pebbles I then covered the jar with a cloth, these sat on my bench for about 5 days then I put them into the fridge.
I love both these methods for cucumbers I normaly prefer lacto fermented veggies but since making my own vinegars I’ve been tempted to do both methods and when I have so much produce I can indulge in both.


4 comments on “Crunchy Cucumber Abundance

  1. i love it when i can grow cucumbers. up in lennox they just keep on giving and giving and for so little work.

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