Purple Cabbage Fermenting Projects

Ok two projects leading up to my saukraut making, I planted cabbages in the hot house hoping they would be ready before I have to put my tomatoes, chillies, capsicums and egg plants in, it is the first year here I have grown things in a hot house so it is all new, unfortunately they aren’t ready yet the green ones have a medium sized heart but the purples have only just started to make their hearts hence thats why they are more expensive to buy I realize, it is a time thing.
Anyway there is enough hearts for me to get a decent amount of kraut happening and my ducks have been enjoying some of the leaves along the way and I decided to try fermenting some of the leaves for myself I normally ferment Kale to make juice but as they are in the same family I assume these will be good too, fingers crossed. I also trimmed out some of the purples leaf ribs to try fermenting them on their own too…… so it isn’t a loss at all, it has just taken a different path than expected hopefully a yummy one.

Here you can see the chopped leaves the cabbage leaf ribs and the brine, below are the two projects

Fermented Cabbage Leaf Ribs

You can see the ribs here in this picture

I chopped these and put them into this glass jar and poured a brine over them to cover them by about 1 inches, my normal brine mix 2 table spoons salt to 1 liter water with what ever spices you like, I then weighted down the bits with my river pebbles and covered with a cloth. You can use a whole bit of cabbage leaf to put between the bits and the rocks so you don’t get floaties if you like.

For the cabbage juice I put the chopped leaves into a crock covered with brine by about 3 inches weighted the leaves down, covered the lot with a cloth and put aside to ferment, I didn’t take a picture of the crock it is a bit boring and I have shown picture of my crock set up with a kale blog somewhere on here.
I will be making the Kraut in about a week and will share then, well I hope this help you to see the good old humble cabbage in a Β new & healthier light πŸ™‚


4 comments on “Purple Cabbage Fermenting Projects

  1. With a cabbage surfeit this year driven by harvesting too late and then desperately as they started to bolt, we gorged, eventually reluctantly, while I wished I could make the fermenting leap. Next year I promise myself, kimchi rather than sauerkraut hopefully, and this further inspires me. Thanks

  2. Fermenting was the best thing I ever did, it is easy, healthy and yummy you cant go wrong πŸ™‚

  3. Yer I’m trying to only use what I grow or forage and I don’t have enough ingredients for kimchee, not as I know it anyway, maybe later in the season….. πŸ™‚

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