Carrot Fermenting Frenzy

A friend dropped off some carrots for me and I decided to ferment them here is what I did with them-

First recipe- a mixed veggie ferment

In this first picture are grated carrot, red beet, parsnip, salsify (Tragopogon sp), Burdock roots (Arctium sp.) , ginger and curry spices.

I tossed all the veggies together then I dry roasted the spices which were- curry powder, mustard & cress seeds, pepper corns a coupler cloves. I made a brine which is about 2 table spoons of salt to 1 liter of water. I put the veggies in a big glass jar I added the roast spices to the brine and poured it all over the veggies. I push the veggies down so they were all submerged and placed my washed river pebbles on top to hold everything under the brine and then cover the top with a cotton cloth to keep dust and insects out.

This is what it looked like when ready to put in cupboard to ferment, time depends on your tastes and weather. Mine will probably sit for a few weeks then I will move it to cooler cupboard.

Second recipe- Ginger, Chilly Fermented Carrot Sticks

So here in this picture I have four different types of dried chillies, sliced ginger, smashed garlic and a few small dried lemons then the carrot sticks and the brine again 2 table spoons to 1 liter water which has some pepper corns, mustard seeds and cress seeds in it.

I put the carrot sticks, chilly and ginger into the jar and poured the brine over the top I then weighed the veggies down with pebbles and cover with cloth. Again it depend on weather and tastes, these will probably sit for about three weeks and then I will try them and if they aren’t to my taste I will leave them for long before moving to cooler cupboard.

Well that’s it for today I hope you enjoy these recipes and I hope it motivates you to have a go yourself.


4 comments on “Carrot Fermenting Frenzy

  1. It looks great! Just one question. Are the river pebbles sitting right on top of the veggies or is there a plate in between? In other words what stops the pebbles from falling to the bottom of the jar, or it is that the veggies are so compacted that the pebbles stay on top anyway?

    I’m growing burdock and salsify for the first time this year; hope I get a yield from them. That looks like a good way to get rid of all those skinny parsnip ends that just end up in my worm farm.

    I made kimchi with napa cabbage and caraway seeds last week.Didn’t have any thing else to go with it except carrots which in the end I forgot to put in.

  2. The pebbles are directly on the veggies you could put a cabbage leaf in between if you wanted but the veggies are pretty packed in and they sit were I can look at them all the time to check, I haven’t had a problem with them falling to the bottom yet.
    And it was the first time for me last season to grow Burdock and Salsify, I absolutely love the salsify but don’t love the burdock roots I haven’t had the stalks yet that is this year…. And I have never use parsnip or salsify before actually this whole mix it an experiment, I can’t wait to taste it…… I love curried ferment carrot so I hope this is as good 🙂
    I haven’t made kimchi yet because I didn’t grow any chinese cabbages and I’m trying to only use what I grow or forage at the moment the only reason I made this was because my friend give me carrots.

  3. Hi again, I’m just in the process of making another batch of kimchi, better this time as I’ve remembered the carrots and used some lacinato kale, leeks and ginger as well. I’m following Sandor Katz’s method; I notice his brine is twice as strong as yours (litre of water/4 tbsp salt). Any reason you use what you do? Thanks for a really interesting blog.

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