Rose Hip, Ginger, Chilly, Wallaby Stew

Todays recipe is Rose hip, ginger, chilly, wallaby stew, sorry my recipes aren’t exact I just don’t operate like that, I have tried but for the thing I eat every day that I make on the spot with what I have around I just cant do it, I am creating recipes for sauces etc but anyway here is my rough recipe

So to start I fried of some brown onions and garlic in olive oil until slightly caramelized and then I added some cress seeds or you could use mustard seeds (what ever you have), salt & pepper then I put this aside in a bowl. I then add more oil to the pan and browned the wallaby all over then add the onion mix back to the pan then add enough water to deglase the pan. I then add the Rose Hip, Ginger & Chilly Sauce that is in my recipes in my home page menus….. After this has simmered for about 30 minutes I added chopped spud, white beet roots and a bit more water then I simmered this for another hour or so keep adding water if needed and right at the end just before serving I tossed in some chopped shallot leaves and that was it for this stew, I just wanted it to be very simple. To accompaniment the dish I flash fried then steamed purple kale and green cabbage flower stalks and some red beet leaves, I served this one with a crispy brown rice dosa. This was amazing, the wallaby went really well with the Rose Hip Sauce a perfect match….


2 comments on “Rose Hip, Ginger, Chilly, Wallaby Stew

  1. It was! wallaby is my favorite meat and the ginger chillies and rose hip sauce went perfectly with it. 🙂

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