Wild Rabbit Stew with Weed Crackers

Just a quick one today, my dad got a rabbit from his property and bought it down for me to cook up, I skinned her and it is a gorgeous skin no bullet holes because dad spooked her and she got tangled in the fence so he broke her neck. I dried the skin to tan later I was going to brain tan it but poor bunny doesn’t  have much of a brain so I will do it with all my other skins in summer with wattle bark.

Here is my recipe- I browned the rabbit, liver, kidneys & heart then added brown onions & cooked until they were tender & browned in all the fats of the rabbit, then I added a bottle of elderflower beer to de glaze pan then I added frozen home grown peas, frozen Thistle root (Cirisum vulgare) & dried slipper jack’s (Suilus lutues) salt & pepper to taste & extra water then simmered this until all cooked & the meat just fell off the bones.

I had this with my feral weed crackers which include- local wheat & spelt flour then dried foraged plant- Sow thistle (Sonchus sp.) Nettle (Utica dioica) Tassie pepper tree leaves (Tasmannia lanceolate) Sea lettuce (Ulva sp.) grey sea salt, black pepper & to this add enough olive oil and water to form stiff dough roll out & bake in hot oven.

I really enjoyed this it’s the first fresh meat apart from sea food that I’ve had for awhile as I have been living out of my freezer for months….. Yummy 🙂


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