Garden & Hot House Update

Ok a garden update today so lots of nice picture because I cant choose and I like seeing lots of picture in blogs anyway so I didn’t think you guys would mind either!! 🙂
Spring has sprung my nectarine tree is flowering my newly planted fruit trees are budding up except the new nectarine because the bloody rabbit has nibbled the bark off it little bugga, it was the only tree I didn’t put a little fence around because it was in a fenced off area from the chickens and ducks so I thought it would be ok until I got around to doing it but NO the rabbit got to it but there will be payback I assure you, I seen it the other day and it is getting nice an fat now and it cant get out so it’s time is nearly up I’m afraid…….













This is the veggies in my new hot house looked like a few months ago……







This is how they look today!! 🙂

Green cabbage & Celery

Green Cabbage

Door way, Cabbage & Celery

They are starting to head up now    




















Hot house entrance

Hot House









These next three shots below are my fenced of garden area from my roof I dont have a wide angle lens unfortunately, the whole yard was garden once and I used to have a stall selling the veggies and other foods stuff but it just got to much for me and I had a bad weed as well an Oxalis that has ruined all the soil and raised beds are just better for the plants,  my back in just better in general.
I have to say about this hot house it came wrapped in so much plastic I nearly had heart failure when it turned up and I realize just how much was there, every one of those hard plastic panels was wrapped both sides with like a cling wrap! I’m ashamed to say I ended up with about one otto bin full of plastic!!!

If it wasn’t for my back I definitely would have gone to our great tip shops and bought glass window frames with the glass in that would have been much better for everyone and thing concerned but it is done now and I’m saying this so you have a good hard think before buying one of these yes it was convenient and quite cheap but terrible terrible waste byproduct…… Had I actually know about the amount of plastic involved I wouldn’t have bought it I would have found another way!!
Well I hope to be enjoying sauerkraut in another coupler months just before I need to plant out my tomatoes, egg plants and chilly in there… YUM!
I hope you enjoyed my little garden and I hope yours is going well too 🙂







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