Second Thoughts

I wanted to share something a bit off my normal topics this morning it is more sharing what is in my heart/head so if you don’t like it just press skip……..
I came back from Lunawanna Alonnah/Brunny Island a coupler days ago and wrote a blog about my trip focused on the bush food, beauty and the wonder of this magic place but there was a niggling deep inside it had been there through out the trip and after reading responses to my blog (all good) it has grown or maybe just come forth and flowered more fully to the point were this morning I just have to put it out there…….

After reading a blog that I follow this morning that was talking about Greece and the prospects of it happening here and how people should prepare for the coming evens and the idea that maybe permaculture can play a part, I ended up rattling on in a comment in response and what was hidden away leaked out so I thought I would just elaborate a bit more here.
This is something that I have been thinking about for many years now it isn’t new I just have a different way and place to express and share it now on here. I don’t often share my deeper thoughts and feelings with people it seems to freak them out and instead of actually listening (A lost art) they react and then project their own fears into what I’m saying which means they don’t hear the truth of what is said they just fight attack and run which normally results in them attacking me or hating me and nothing ever gets resolves or understood this way so maybe it is better read from written word, I am an intense passionate person and I think my energy overwhelms most people too which doesn’t help.

In brackets and blue are new addition, so here is my response to the blog- Yes the whole planet is heading that way we are over populated and the whole system our society is based on is floored it is not based on the laws of the land the only true laws and nature will again find balance shortly and it isn’t going to be pretty it will be like a dog shaking off it’s fleas….. I don’t personally think that is a bad thing and sad and hard thing yes but we have dug the grave I’m afraid.

Another old saying appropriate here is “You shall reap what you sow”….. and we will.

(I think this bit freaks people out seeing the truth that it IS inevitable that there is going to be a culling, all species of animals have natural culling systems when they over populate and over consume the natural resources they depend on, it is not rocket science…. We have wangled our way out of most of ours natural culling systems which I think is wrong and it cant continue and when I talk as clearly as I do about it people think I’m a cold hard bitch or just angry and I’m neither when talking about this….. I just don’t fear death I have had the prospect of death in my life for quiet awhile I have back problems stemming from child birth and there has been times in my life were I have looked at what I will do to end my life when I have had enough so it is not a new idea for me I am comfortable with the idea I have had a blessed and privileged life and when it is time it is time! )

But it isn’t all doom and gloom maybe this IS our real evolution those that survive the coming culling that is inevitable go back to ancient way of living in harmony with nature/land and each other, not battling to control and dominate and as a consequence rape, deplete, pollute, over populate and destroy all other living beings…….

(Saying it isn’t all doom and gloom but maybe it is a good thing also makes people think I’m crazy angry or a bloody sadist I have been labelled many things some I have had to actually look up 🙂 which doesn’t worry me I just find it sad that all the labeling, judging, attacking and projecting  stops them from listening, and it is a cop out it stops them from taking responsibility for their part in the way things are it is easier to attack someone else and it stops them from seeing and feeling which are the same action….. feeling your reaction to something said is not feeling/seeing the truth or untruth of what is said and being able to see the untruth in what is said is seeing the truth in what is said and that is different than seeing and feeling your reaction to what is said therefor thinking it is wrong or untruthful, if only people could see at all……..

Because I’m not self concerned in the greater sense, here I mean I’m not desperate to perpetuate myself into the future with child or in any other way in which people even think they can, I see the bigger picture what is better for all the other life forms that we share the planet with and that is why I haven’t had children and it is behind all the decision I make in my life, I care deeply about all other living being they are family, the question I ask myself  is are they my otha bruthas n sistas better off with more of us? There for is the planet as a whole better off with more of us? Or even us as the beings that the majority of us actually are now? These are not hard question for me to ask and in my heart I know the answers but it seem to be hard for the majority of people because they are so self involved they cant see the bigger picture “cant see the Forrest for the Trees” and I don’t think the majority of people in our society today know what it is to really put ones self aside and be humble and act for the better good of all life.
See I believe as we have left the land and lost our connection to the land our mutha our grandmutha and there for all other living being we have lost that awareness of our place in something greater, I’m not talking god here ok!! so we have become sick sick in our hearts, minds and spirits.  

We are such a minute part of the whole system of life yet we have done the most damage but this to will pass in a blink of the planet geological eye as it has happened in the past before and I’m sorry but for me the sooner the better so the planet can get on with it’s healing and all other life can just get on with living………)

Don’t get me wrong I think permaculture is fantastic and if you want to teach it then you should anything to do with living more closely to nature is great but I don’t think it is going to get us out of this mess.

(The fact is we are here now and have time to bide until well lets say this shit hits the fan proppa like, so do what you love, I don’t mean do what eva you want with out respect for anything or anyone and don’t give a shit I mean do what your REALLY LOVE what fills your heart what heals your spirit and therefor what heals and helps all other living things not with motive but just because it is the rite way of being, make the best of what time you do have and be grateful for it.)

And the whole super trawler thing is just another reflection of how far we have fallen a reflection of how truly sick we have become because for me it is a given that as the land/seas get sicker so do we it is like the snake bitting its own tail story….

Sorry for rattling on I was going to do a whole blog on this shortly and it was in my head when I read your blog so it come out now I can just cut n paste this hehehe 🙂

Well the sun has risen above the fog or the fog have dispersed same same so I’m off to enjoy the healing rays thanks for listening Nayri Niara/good spirit to you 🙂


6 comments on “Second Thoughts

  1. Love you sis. Thanks for sharing. I hope people read this from a quiet place and let themselves feel the truth of what is happening here on our planet

  2. I agree with everything you say (and then some!). I’ve had the anger and agression bit too, from people who don’t want to listen, because what people like you and I are saying doesn’t appeal to their view of the world and humans as the dominant species (the world belongs to Man and Man’s job is to dominate and rule…it’s the teaching of most religions after all).
    Culture is the problem (have you read any of Derrick Jensen’s work?). It should be mandatory reading in schools, but of course, the job of schools is to produce more people who think the way our culture does.
    We are members of the most destructive culture ever to exist.
    If we survive ecological collapse, it will be because we stopped listening to Mother Culture and started (or returned to) listening to the land.
    Yes, I too, think permaculture won’t necessarily save us unless we change the way we think and see the world and our place in it, but it at least it is working towards that ideal, in that it is based on ecological thinking.

  3. For what its worth, in my opinion, what’s happening on the planet (externally) largely mirrors whats happening internally: desire driven by the notion that fulfillment equates to technological ownership and wealth accumulation.
    Mother Earth is just another commodity to be used to achieve the above means.
    Mostly, folk have no connection with the seasons, the elements, the animals, plants, where food comes from, the spirit of life in general and live lives that reflect the above material desires.
    I suspect the likes of we are largely viewed as freaks, radicals and dinosaurs, and that folk that believe this to be so cant understand why the heck we dont wake up and get with the program.
    I think Thoreau said it nicely: Man profits from the woods not be speculating and developing them, but merely by walking through them.
    But then, we are back to heart-based endeavour, which you have covered so nicely.
    A pleasure to read your writings
    Kind wishes, J

  4. Yer glad you didn’t get upset about my response to yourz n then writing this, like I said it was bustin to get out this morning…..
    I don’t ever mean to devalue any good works like permaculture I just don’t think we as we are (this excludes indigenous cultures) have a future and it isn’t just an intellectual belief to me it is very real and present for me and I embrace it with all my spirit so I find it really hard to converse with people when they sound like they are thinking this shit is gonna happen in a “hundred year” or “not in our life time” or like we have time to fix it I think all these delusions (I mean no disrespect) is part of the problem, you know I mean if we cant see I mean really see and get that we are really in the shit it stops us from acting and I don’t mean acting to fix it because if you think we can fix it I don’t believe you have really deeply seen it, I think this urge to fix is still a reaction to the problem a delusion not a true response which has nothing to do with thinking, for me seeing feeling n acting are all one thing if the house is on fire you don’t go hmmm lets see what will I take what do I care more about….. you just fukn act n our house is on fire now.
    That probably seems complicated because when I try to explain what I feel n see it get a bit messy.
    I talked to another friend today and every time we talk about this situation she says she agrees and that she can see it her self but she always goes but, if, unless, maybe, it wont happen in my life time and I noticed I just cant relate because I’m just not functioning in that realm of thought anymore and I haven’t done for awhile now now I’m just being more honest about it because I don’t care any more about being hated for it. I find it really hard to talk about the facts of the situation we are in knowing that over one hundred and thirty five million babies enters the world every year increasing the problems not decreasing them and then in the next sentence talk about any long term future for our whole species, my brian just cant do it……..
    Now I probably sound crazy but that ok too maybe I am but it is nice to actually have a conversation about it…… 🙂

  5. Thanks mate, I was waiting for some hate today I have posted a few comments that people probably aren’t gonna like much which normally means makin them look at themselves and how hypocritical they are being but you get that, they got to hate someone a….. n if they be hatin on me they leavin some utha poor bastard alone 🙂 🙂

    You hit the nail on the head we have lost our connection to everything but money and things and because we are like that (Westernized society) we think everyone else should be like us because we think we and our life styles are so great, something to work towards, what a goal are they actually looking and living in the same society as me?!!

    We (Australia related here now, well english I suppose) We steal country and say it was terra nullius, We steal “half caste” babies to deny how they be that way n try to make them white, We steal culture and claim our is superior and they b the savages, We steal wages for 70 years of hundreds of thousands of people n then call those same people dole bludgers and leaches, We steal lives and try to deny it and say “it wasn’t me”, it’s like we cant stop stealin n lyin……

    And all this to me is a reflection ov what is inside like you say and from this it looks like a lot ov us are rotten n sick….. Sorry that just came out, I don’t know what is going on today…. well if I hadn’t offended anyone before I probably have now….


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