Vitamin C Kombucha

Ok here is a simple recipe for a great Winter kombucha tea to keep away the winter bugs and blues.

So I have been getting rite into utilizing the abundant pine trees (Pinus radiata) around my home town, I have been putting the pine needles into my herbals tea mixes but then I decided I would try putting the needles into a kombucha tea that was ready, I added a few other things as well and it has turned out a treat.

The first kombucha tea preparation was just raw sugar and black tea left to ferment for a week or more depend on your own tastes I like it quiet vinegary, so I decanted this off into another container and I added grated ginger and two different pine needles the Pinus radiata and some sort of spruce pine (Picea sp.) that is in my grandfathers yard. I also added a small amount of sugar to kick start a second fermentation to make it a bit fizzy and I was hoping this would draw out the vitamin C from the needles this then sat a the bench for another week before I cracked it, it is very good very warming.

I will just add my next batch of kombucha or my water kefir to this and add a bit more of the fresh ingredients and sugar to boost it up again, I don’t like wasting stuff so I will use this until I just cant use it anymore then I will pick the pine needles out of the ginger and use it in a cake or muffins etc. YUM.

So give this ago if you are a kombucha maker and if you aren’t why not! give it ago it is easy all you need is a kombucha mother, sugar and tea to start with. Kombucha is a cheap healthy alternate to fizzy unhealthy soft drinks, and it is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Cheers 🙂



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