Fermented Amaranth Stalks

This was a flop but I want to share the good with the bad, the first recipe/method from Sandor Katz book, The Art Of Fermentation that I tried was the fermented Amaranth stalks as I had them in the garden and they were ready to harvest.
I followed the method and all went well I think I just didn’t like the out come, the outside of the stems were still very hard and the centers were sloppy I didn’t mind that so much because you can suck the inside out but I just didn’t like the taste but here are the pictures etc anyway.

Amaranth stalks

Amaranth stalks chopped and ready to ferment

Finished fermented Amaranth stalks

Ok so to start with you wash and chop stalks then you put in a crock and soak in cold water for a day or two until the water becomes frothy then wash again and shake dry. They are then put in sealed crock in a warm place to ferment, in the book it says that the stalks soften and get a  “special fragrance”  when this happens you add salt water to cover and ferment for another few days then they are ready, easy enough. Mine started to get mold spots on the stalks before they softened to much so I added the salt water hoping it would be enough but like I said the outside was still hard and the inside mushy. But even if the stalks were soft I still didn’t like the taste but you can’t win them all! 🙂


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