Pickled Sow Thistle buds

This was a first for me and it worked out really well, I will definitely be doing this one in the future.

I picked all the Sow Thistle (Sonchus sp.) flower buds that I had in my yard at the time as they rarely get to bud up here because I use the greens a lot and I am constantly pruning them to keep them lush and green. But I got this little jar worth, I cleaned the buds and put them in the jar, I made a brine solution with black peppers, bay leaves and rosemary in it and pour on top of the buds I then put a little river pebble on top to sink and hold the buds under the liquid and I let this sit for about 7 to 10 days and now they are ready to use. You can either taste them to see if  they are ready for your tastes but I noticed these buds sunk to the bottom of the jar so I think this is an indication of being ready too.

These are the fresh buds before fermentation

The buds after fermentation












I have heard these referred to as false capers I don’t really recall what capers taste like but these are nice, so give this ago.

Yummy fermented Sow Thistle flower buds


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