Mushroom basket

I went for a little walk this afternoon the sun was out and I needed to get out of the house I had been cooking and preparing foraged foods all day and needed a break so I thought I would go and look for some dandelion and or some red clove flowers in the reserves and parks around my house.

I ended up with a basket overflowing with, yes more mushrooms, I just can’t believe the amount and variety of mushrooms around this year it is well, overwhelming really.

Mushroom harvest

Here in this picture you can see how many different ones I found, some I know are edible others I have to identify, which I will be doing for a lot of tonight!
I also picked some yarrow (Achillea millefolium) flowers and I pulled some plants to plant in my yard and I picked some dandelion flowers (Taraxacum officinal) as well.

I cleaned the small slippery jacks (Suillus luteus), wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda) baby puff balls (Lycoperdon sp.) and the saffron milks caps (Lactarius deliciosus) and the dandelion flowers I fried these gently until cooked and tossed them to my fresh home made egg spelt pasta, it was how should I put it, bloody scrumptious!!

Wild mushrooms and home made spelt egg pasta

Sorry this last picture is a bit dark it is getting dark earlier and earlier here now and I’m still getting used to the new winter time table.

Well I hope everyone else is lucky enough to be indulging in natures bounty as much as me at the moment, I think it is the feast before the winter hibernation period……….. 🙂


2 comments on “Mushroom basket

  1. Hiya

    I found you from the comments left on my “gourmetgatherer” blog 🙂

    And I am glad I did, your blog is so interesting.

    I must admit to being fascinated by pretty much all of your posts especially where you are trying native foods or things we have been told are “poisonus” like the nightshade and the amanita musicara.

    There is a real gap in knowledge about the natural world around us.

    I can’t see myself every being brave enough to try what your doing, so please keep posting so I can read about it!

    And if you ever want to share some fungi expertise with a couple of complete begineers Stephen and I would love to hear from you.

    No doubt I’ll be more amazed as I keep reading through how you are going. I am looking forward to it!

    – Amanda

  2. Thanks Amanda it makes it all worth the effort knowing people are enjoying it.
    I’ve skipped through yours and when I get time I will go through more it look great!
    It has taken me many years to gain the capacity to forage mushroom a lot of researching and challenging the fear, it is hard to introduce people to wild mushroom one a one on one basis I would only show people the real common ones because if they aren’t addressing their subconscious fears it is a hassle, I have had a friend here to all hour of the night thinking she was poisoned and I could see she was talking herself into it, it wasn’t pleasant! So I don’t mind sharing on here and then it is up to the person to do all the research and figure it out and if my blog helps that is great.
    But that said I love people to know and enjoy what I do so maybe one day I can show you after I get over this last episode…..
    And there is a real gap in our knowledge and understanding of our environment in general that is why we can treat it the way we do, mother nature provides everything we need if we are willing to listen, observe learn and care. Nature never ceases to amaze and humble me I feel so privileged to be able to share in her bounty and if I can share a skerrick of that here with my blog I’m glad.
    Cheers and happy foraging 🙂

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